Merkel Must Resign: Breach Of The Oath Of The Chancellor (says German General)

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Breach Of The Oath Of The Chancellor

Open Letter by Major General Schultze-Rhonhof: Why Merkel Has To Step Down For The Benefit Of The German People

Published for educational purposes by the Priory of Salem, Peace Institute:

Breach Of The Oath Of The Chancellor
Open Letter by Major General Schultze-Rhonhof: Why Merkel Has To Step Down For The Benefit Of The German People
By Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof, Gastautor, Friday, 9 October 2015 1:17 p.m.
A retired Major General of the Bundeswehr sharply critizises Merkel’s policy on refugees: with her welcome messages she has triggered a tidal wave of mass immigration that has created incalculable harm for the German people of today and their descendants.
Four weeks ago, Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof, Major General of the Bundeswehr, subitted detailed proposals to Angela Merkel and her staff in order to avert damage to the German people in the ongoing refugee crisis. (see: 1. Offener Brief “Asyl-Politik ohne Weitsicht” [German])
Because nothing has happened in this matter, he now wrote a second open letter. He calls for Merkel’s resignation and suggests that Horst Seehofer (Prime Minister of Bavaria) should assume office until the end of the legislative period. Again he combines a relentless analysis and concrete proposals.
Schultze-Rhonhof supports economic refugees himself, but clearly distances his stance from the headless policies of the Chancellor.
His unabridged letter follows.
Dear Mrs. Chancellor,
after four weeks this is my second “Open Letter” to you regarding the tidal wave of mass immigration.
The wave of helpfulness by ordinary German people, the devoted effort of thousands of altruistic auxiliaries, and the services of our administrations have initially obstructed the                         clear perception of the difficulties and limitations of our integration capabilities.
I took the liberty to notify you by letter of 11 September 2015 to the dangers of uncontrolled mass immigration to Germany and to make proposals for asylum rights, for controlling immigration, and for ending the ongoing wave of mass immigration.
Since then I have witnessed your honest but unsuccessful attempt to handle the situation. Since then I have observed that the mass influx of migrants continues unabated and entails quite different, ugly consequences which have not dawned on me four weeks ago.
Meanwhile, current estimates for the accumulated number of immigrants have added up to between 2 and 2.5 million: about 700,000 illegal but non-returned asylum seekers, about 300,000 migrants gone underground, and between 1 and 1.5 million new arrivals in 2015.
You have made no effective attempt so far to stop the tidal wave of immigration into Germany.
Pursuing your habit of very, very long deliberations you have wasted valuable time which you could have used to begin to avert further damage to our people.
Request For Your Resignation
I would therefore ask you to be so decent as to resign from your office, and I ask you and the Vice-Chancellor (by separate letter) to hand over government to the Chairman of the third governing party, Mr Horst Seehofer, until the next regular election.
Mr Seehofer and his State of Bavaria are hardest hit by the current  wave of migration.
His thinking and his actions are quite obviously better aligned with Germany’s national interest than yours.
As a father of four he is – in a natural way – more interested in the German future of coming generations in our country than you are.
Mr Seehofer is also experienced as a former minister in the federal government and as the head of a state government.
Given your indifferent attitude regarding Germany’s identity and our self-preservation and given your numerous sudden political reversals in the recent past, it is also unclear where you want to lead Germany during the current exceptional circumstances.
Accusations Against You
The main accusation against you is your breach of the oath of the Chancellor. You have sworn to work towards the benefit of the German people and to avert harm from the people. By tolerating and causing the tidal wave of immigration and by not being able to put an end to it, you have caused incalculable damage to the German people and its descendants. While some immigration may be desired you have rendered an absolutely negligible service to the German people with the minor number of immigrants who can actually be integrated.
To the detriment of the German people you have displayed a significant lack of moderation by not being able to balance the Christian duty for humanitarian aid to refugees on the one hand and your government’s responsibility for our people on the other hand.
With your messages that Germany was an immigration country and that asylum seekers were welcome in Germany, you have triggered a wave of mass migration. This migration has caused additional suffering and tragedies.
To hide your failures you have spread the illusion that our country and our population were able master the burden of mass immigration for federal and other public budgets, for domestic security, education and the social security system. You have thereby concealed the additional public debt load, the reduction in benefits for our population, the renovation of roads, waterways, bridges, and sewer systems which now remain undone and you have concealed the perpetual burdens for our children and grandchildren.
You have damaged the country’s reputation and role in the EU because the tidal wave of immigrant you have caused has put all other EU states under pressure to act. Your demand for national immigration quotas is an attempt of illegitimate interference in the sovereignty of other states and the self-determination of other peoples.
Just as the territories and boundaries of countries are inviolable and may only be changed with the will of the populations concerned, so the constituent peoples themselves must not be changed through coercion and against the will of the populations concerned. Mass immigration is a change of a country’s people. (The introduction of a quota-based solidarity mechanism was incidentally rejected by Germany as recently as 2013).
The other European countries either had to accept large migrant populations from their former colonies or have Russian minorities within their borders, also Czechs and Poles have negative experiences as multi-ethnic states. To try to force these countries and their peoples to accept new minorities reveals historical ignorance, German know-all attitude, or EU megalomania.
Instead of hoping for a “fair” distribution of migrants to other countries, you should have brought the true perpetrators of the current migrations on board with their target countries and with those who pay for it. The current “escape movements” from the Middle East and from the states around the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and the opening of the Southern Mediterranean coast for refugees from Central and West Africa are primarily due to the regime-change-wars which the US, Britain, and France have started without being themselves threatened by these countries.
These three allies had the dictators in those now destabilized countries overthrown through secret service operations, mercenaries, bribes, and finally open warfare. Every time the result was civil wars, chaos, refugee camps, and the refugee flows of today. The United States for example have so far only agreed to accept 1,500 refugees in 2015 (other sources: 4,000). This is less than the state of Bavaria had to accommodate in a single day. Having the German people bear the brunt of these refugee flows is the opposite of “averting harm” as required by your oath.
You have reduced the immigration debate to the concept of “welcome culture” versus “xenophobia”. By this you have suppressed and avoided a discussion of the fears and concerns of the population and secondly you have split the nation. The more appropriate concept would have been “guests” and “host”. The German nation has hosted these guests with a lot of willingness to help and has displayed great idealism. But you have not realized and have failed to clarify that hosts also do have rights.
Every host may determine how many guests he invites into his house. Every host has the right to determine the ways and customs in his house. Every host has the right to prevent a long-term take over of his house by the guests. Guests have to respect these rights and have to adapt in the host country. If this is not achievable by each individual host due to the “amorphous mass” of guests the host state needs to ensure this for its citizens. Of all this nothing is happening under your government.
Instead You Decree “Germany has to change”
You display an ambiguous attitude to safeguarding the German identity of our people. In 2010 you said that “multiculturalism has failed, absolutely failed” at the Germany Day of your party’s youth organization (Junge Union). And now you try to sell to the German public the advantages of cultural enrichment resulting from large scale immigration.
You know very well that millions of immigrants will not shed their customs and their culture as long as they will live in ghettos. You know that ghetto-formation is inevitable with two million immigrants in just a few years. You know that further millions of immigrants are waiting to take advantage of our family re-unification permission within a few years. You know that the 80% Muslim share of migrants perceives our legal and moral liberalism as decadent and intends to “overcome” it.
In 2000 and thereafter you have dumped CDU party whip Friedrich Merz and his notion of a “primary culture” and today you ignore the plea of ​​the Prime Ministers of Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria for a German “primary culture”. The concept of a primary culture is at the core of the ability to integrate immigrants. The debate about a German primary culture and its obligatory nature for immigrants was a test of strength which you should not have dodged in 2000.
Our ideas about the separation of church and state, or of the equality between men and women were not accepted by all immigrants at the time. Our neglect of the German language in science, advertising and music is not a sign of self esteem which would motivate immigrants to immediately learn German. Our constant self-portrayal as the “dark land of the sinister 12 years” and our turning a blind eye on centuries of brilliant cultural and other achievements also does not testify of love for ourselves.
Immigrants who see that the Germans in their heart have no self respect will certainly not want to belong to such a people. They just want German prosperity. You, Dr. Merkel, have done a great disservice to our ability to integrate immigrants by refusing to conduct a debate on the primary culture issue as proposed by Mr. Merz. In this crucial issue even today you act indifferent and against the backdrop of the current mass immigration I think you are not suited to be Chancellor.
You try to hide the additional burden of mass immigration behind alleged gains for the German economy, for the social security systems and the demographic deficit. The additional costs that are now given as 10 billion euros in the year, are a pure deception of the German taxpayer.
The new costs include far more for than housing refurbishments, permanent rentals, new construction, extensions of schools, day care centers, nursing homes and prisons, family maintenance, pocket money, health care costs, family reunification, additional staff for schools, kindergartens, employment services, agencies for refugees, police, translator, social workers, lawyers, courts, language courses, and homes for the elderly (a recent advertising booklet of the Federal Government “Deutschland Aktuell” Issue 4/2015 states on page 12: “65-year-old immigrants are among the population groups that are growing the fastest.” This is followed by the indication that the care organizations have to adjust to foreign languages ​​and religious needs). More recent estimates of the additional annual cost to federal, state and local governments are now at 40 billion euros.
Benefits to the national economy are limited. Employable migrants constitute a very small minority among immigrants. The less able will have to be supported by taxpayers. This confirms the thesis of Mr. Lafontaine (former Minister of Finance) that “profits are privatized while losses are socialized”.
The influx of foreign workers is also questionable in other ways. Firstly suitable workers are often needed in their home countries for the development of their own economies. Their migration to Europe undermines our foreign aid programs.
Secondly, the domestic economy is primarily responsible for the employment and maintenance of the indigenous population. If and when the domestic economy needs to recruit from abroad, its primary objective, full employment, has been met. The secondary objective of increasing profits needs to be weighed against the costs to the German taxpayer as given above.
Incidentally, the proportion of current migrants, which can be incorporated into the German economy is minimal. In a medium sized German city an attempt to recruit workers from 300 “asylum seekers” has yielded 6 employable persons. In Sigmaringen local business have offered apprenticeships to more than 3,000 people, mostly young men, living in barracks. Only 8 migrants have taken advantage of this offer.
Whereas the President of the German Federation of Employers (Mr. Grillo) who demands an influx of foreign workers and obviously thinks more about private gains than socialized losses, the Presidents of the German Chambers of Commerce and Chambers of Trade Crafts warn against illusions about the suitability of migrants for the German economy.
The Danish Employers’ Association has admitted this spring that the integration of migrants into the labor market has failed all across the board.
The demographic deficit is a home made problem that has been created over the last 40 years all the while it has been predicted with pinpoint accuracy by demographic scientists.
No German government, not even yours, has invested the necessary share of gross national product in the promotion of marriage, family formation, birth, young families, day care centers and day care staff. Instead, your predecessor governments have used checkbook diplomacy with tax payer money. Instead, we have pumped funds into countries that had long since overcome the status of “developing countries”. Instead, on almost every trip abroad, German leaders promise money to “poor” countries.
Instead, you are fraudulently delaying a Greek default at Germany’s expense.
Instead, we are the largest net contributor to the EU, without taking discounts like the United Kingdom.
Instead, gender mainstreaming is promoted instead of educating boys and girls on the natural roles of fathers and mothers and making this choice desirable.
All this represents a vast area of your failure.
The demographic deficit is largely to blame on your predecessor governments. But your open “wallet” for immigrants proves that the money would have been available for young German families during your tenure.
With Germany’s naval rescue operations in the Mediterranean you have aided and abetted mass migration and human smuggling from Africa because you have refused to issue the order to bring rescued migrants back to the African coast.
Your welcome messages to migrants have also sent a wrong signal to our own people. You  proclaim that immigrants will be integrated in a short period of time. This faulty credo is constantly repeated by the media with acknowledgment, if not encouragement, by the Federal Chancellery. While some immigrants may be willing and capable of integration – and there are examples of that – the overwhelming majority of immigrants does not integrate and does not want to integrate.
A constrained housing market and limited public budgets are not sufficient for a complete distribution of immigrants among the German population. This will lead to new “language colonies” and ghettos, where next to the positives also unacceptable native customs will be practiced, e.g. female genital mutilations, forced marriages, honor killings, drug trafficking.
The current ghettoisation in Germany (as in France and England) shows that ghettos often morph into problem areas, where there is no integration, and where German police do not dare to move. Already now there is a immigrant accommodation in barracks which are not entered by German police any more.
The intellectual abilities and illiteracy of many immigrants preclude an integration into the labor market and any real integration into society. There will be another class of dispossessed requiring ongoing subsistence.
The majority of migrants are Muslims. Many of them despise our liberal way of life and reject it decisively. Out of conviction they will not integrate.
With moderate immigration, the customs of the host country are slowly acquired by the guests as experience shows. With immigration by millions within a few years, the bad habits as well as the good are usually retained as identification with the homeland. Dr. Merkel, your helplessness regarding the current mass immigration will inflict permanent damage on domestic security and social peace in our country.
All of this is known to you and you try to conceal it. You downplay the issues raised, because you do not understand how to master them. Please make room for a politician who is obviously more suitable to solve our current problems.
The Ugly Side Effects
The majority of immigrants who come to us are certainly pleasant and ordinary people. However, with the massive influx of two million people there is also a share of shady persons in our country, that burden our social peace and domestic security.
Among the now recognizable ugly side effects of mass immigration many things are already in the process of settling and spreading. The masses of migrants not only bring their plight which they wish to leave behind, but also customs of which they believe that they would be tolerated in our liberal society.
All these phenomena are now widely reported on the Internet and by police officers and volunteers, but they are not mentioned in the German media which seem directed by a “wonderful” hand.
These ugly side effects are the “concealed part of reality”:
– Rape in the environment of migrant accommodations
– Forced prostitution in migrant accommodations
– Mass brawls between ethnicities, religions and clans with batons, tear gas and knives,
– Injuries and mobbing of police officers,
– Begging
– Occupations of churches to extort church asylum,
– Mobbing and insulting passersby as “Sh … -Germans”
– Pushing German passersby from the sidewalk,
– Indecent assaults and harassing of women,
– Smashing of furniture to be moved to a more attractive city,
– Escape from lodging provided by authorities, from trains and buses, in order to escape registration,
– Vociferous complaints, if food does not correspond that in the country of origin,
– Complaints from migrants, if they have to wait in doctors’ offices, as long as German patients
– Refusal of migrants to be directed by women in doctor’s offices and in public offices,
– Massive, unpaid purchases from migrant lodging in internet trading,
– Refusal of migrant groups in shops to pay for your purchases.
That this list – according to ongoing government commentary – should be “xenophobic”, says more about the relationship of our government to reality than about the list itself.
Even if these side effects are just ugly exceptions, exceptions from a number of 2 million fresh migrants are more than enough to poison the climate between guests and hosts.
The ugly side effects also include a very regrettable loss of democracy in Germany. These include gross violations of the fundamental right to freedom of expression and against the Christian value of truth.
This also includes a loss of confidence in the integrity of government, parliaments, political parties and media by a substantial portion of our population.
The fears and concerns of citizens about the sudden burdens are insulted as “racism, xenophobia and right wing”.
You have poisoned the climate of discussion in Germany and have strangled the right to freedom of expression. Policemen and teachers have told me about a ban on talking about and reporting on migrant behavior. Employees of a chain store company are on record as having been instructed not to report theft by migrants, so that their company does not appear as xenophobic.
These are conditions which we otherwise bemoan in authoritarian states.The loss of confidence results from the filtered and manipulated reporting on the dark side of immigration and on the horrendous permanent costs for federal, state, and local governments and our social security system. The whole lie usually begins with half a truth.
Obvious dangers
With rapidly increasing new immigration it is likely that the high expectations of many immigrants are not met. Discontent will eventually be discharged. Already there are distribution struggles among various migrant groups and demands to German authorities, aid organizations, aid workers and security forces.
The union of police employees has pointed out the emergence of violent, criminal structures wihtin migrant accommodations. In some barracks which are shared by soldiers and migrants, arms and ammunition are stored. It can not be ruled out that migrants obtain access to weapons in order to force their demands. This would confront the Bundeswehr and police with problems which they could hardly solve under German law.
The majority of migrants are young and healthy men, even if the media prefer to show women and small children. These men have left their wives in their home countries. Some of them will eventually become active sexually in Germany. When migrants from barracks and military training courses are distributed to villages and towns, our population will be confronted with the dangers.
Imminent Consequences
In addition to a desired immigration of professionals and the justified immigration of asylum seekers there are foreseeable negative consequences and implications of the current mass immigration. With your oath of office you have committed “to avert danger from the German people”, which includes timely measures to ensure that no such adverse consequences occur.
The foreseeable, negative consequences are:
– More migrant waves from Afghanistan, Iraq and from Syrians via Turkey,
– The growth of parallel societies
– The increase in “lawless areas” that are not entered by German police,
– The spread of civil war-like clashes between rival immigrant groups from their home countries to Germany,
– The increase of terrorist, extremist and anti-Semitic groups in Germany,
– The increase in organized crime,
– The financial burden for future generations as permanent liabilities,
– The end of deleveraging of public budgets,
– Overburdening of the social security system,
– Congestion of the health system,
– Housing shortage in urban areas and rent increases,
– Displacement of less able German jobseekers from the labor market,
– Additional burden for schools and universities,
– Displacement the German liberal and Christian primary culture,
– The spreading of Islamic legal concepts,
– The “overturning” of majorities between old-established and immigrant populations and between practicing Christian and avowed Muslim population with foreseeable consequences for the law and the customs in Germany.
Independent Reviews
Former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt: “We can not digest more foreigners, all hell will be let loose”.
Former judge at the Federal Constitutional Court Udo Di Fabio: “What we are witnessing today is not a rush of asylum claimants. It is not possible to be entitled to political asylum when you enter Germany by land, because Article 16 (a) of the Constitution excludes safe third countries from asylum. … In this sense we see no rush of asylum claimants, … these are prospective immigrants, but very few have a subjective right to asylum as guaranteed by our Constitution”.
A German diplomat from Africa: “The young men coming from Eritrea are almost all draft dodgers and deserters.”
The chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx:  “Germany should be not an island of prosperity.”
Bishop of Szeged-Csanád (Hungary) László Kiss-Rigó: “These are not refugees. That’s an invasion. They come here with the cry Allahu Akbar and want to conquer us “.
The archbishop of Mosul (Iraq) Amel Shimon Nona to Europe: “Our suffering is a foretaste of what you will suffer.”
Your Four Measures
You have announced the following four measures to deal with the mass immigration on 4 October 2015:
– To combat the causes of flight. This was tried in vain in Africa for 50 years. The population explosion with 30 million new people per year will frustrate such attempts in the future.
– To have a “fair” distribution of migrants to the countries of Europe. This will be rejected by the majority of states due to their own experiences with foreign national minorities.
– To limit the influx into Europe. At the Mediterranean border of Europe this is not possible with current methods.
– To speed ​​up the asylum procedure. This is not feasible without abolishing legal remedy currently offering three separate legal instances and will be ineffective without scrapping a host of deportation exceptions.
You obviously have no plan to end the great migrations on the “routes to prosperity and security” and to finally limit the influx of asylum seekers.
Your “actions” are illusions and window dressing. This will not dry up the migrant flow nor will the majority of rejected asylum seekers be more likely to leave or ever head back to their home countries. Your demand for a European solution is unsuccessful and it is also your gamble on time for your political survival. You are playing this game to the detriment of the German people, whose interests you should represent. Your oft repeated “We will manage” makes you look like a motorist who refuses to turn around in a dead end road.
Necessary measures
I propose to a new government that they declare that Article 6 and 16 of the Constitution, the laws, UN conventions, EU regulations and national regulations, which hinder the solution of the immigrant problem, are suspended, are to be renegotiated, or are to be changed due to “frustration of purpose”. The “frustration of purpose” consists of the current European emergency of a mass migration which simply was not envisioned when the laws were drafted.
The experience of recent months shows that many European countries want to move along similar paths. Citizens of all non-German states are also more interested in their national interests and their national identities, as opposed to the people of Germany and Austria, which have largely lost their national and Christian identity. So this project is promising.
I propose further to prevent the migration of peoples, to practice fast-track procedures for asylum requests, to grant refuge only to war refugees from combat zones, and to repatriate the mass of the migrants as soon as possible.
For this purpose, I recommend:
– That the application of the right of asylum is reduced to the cases laid down in the Constitution,
– That the Constitution is adjusted so that the right to family reunification and the right to multistage court remedies be abolished (this is how Switzerland processes asylum procedures  within 48 hours in general)
– That the asylum procedures for African migrants are settled in North Africa or in the countries of origin,
– That immigration by ship across the Mediterranean is prevented according to the Australian model, (Australia’s government has published in all countries of origin newspaper                         and television ads where it has announced that asylum applications will only be accepted in the local consulates and that boat people are generally returned. The Australian navy takes refugee boats and ships “on the hook” and takes distressed migrants on board and moves them back to the next coast on the opposite shore)
– That members of non-EU Balkan countries and from Asian unrest and poverty areas have their asylum or immigration applications processed only in German diplomatic missions in their home countries, and that nationals from these countries and territories without positive asylum or immigration decisions will be repatriated immediately, and that this shall be published in the countries of origin,
– That only asylum and immigration seekers from war zones as currently Syria are handled as before, but not from refugee camps outside the warring states
– That refugees from war zones after the end of hostilities must leave the country again, if they have been here for less than 5 years,
– That migrants and asylum seekers be deported immediately with their families in case of serious criminal offenses,
– That immigration is generally controlled by the Canadian model and driven by German interest, (selection by annual German immigration needs, German language skills, work experience and professional needs in Germany, educational status and age. Australia and Denmark have similar admission criteria),
– That social benefits are canceled except for widows and orphans’ pensions, for those remaining in the country of origin
– That the family support for marriages within our country, at births, for house building of young couples and for purchases of family needs and for major equipment will be greatly increased.
I ask you once again to resign as Chancellor, and not to block the way for a solution of the international migration crisis.
Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof
PS: This letter has not been discussed or coordinated with any active politician.