Public Leaders Quoted Saying: “Kill All White People”, powerful people calling for genocide and holocaust (study from the Priory of Salem, Peace Institute)

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The “Kill All White People” Top Headlines of Mainstream News.

As demanded by numerous public leaders (renegade agents of government and society).

Read on to view the Headlines of 96 Cases of

Predominately Influential Community Leaders Calling For Mass Genocide of Whites

The Priory of Salem, Peace Institute, commissioned this report of recent quotes by influential members of the government and society who have called for “ethnic holocaust”, only after Vice President Joe Biden declared in 2017 that “white people are officially a minority in the United States”.

As a peace institute for the respect of every ethnicity and background of the world, this study is only a natural step. There have been alarming levels of calls by major public figures to attack and “kill” this one ethnic group. These aren’t people just in their closets, but high ranking university professors of (historically) the most prestigious schools and various well recognized leaders in society and government.

The analysis of the quotes is still a study in and of itself. These quotes are not for mis-use, but for accurate analysis of the situation that not only is taught in schools but advanced by major community leaders that lead tens of millions (or more) individual’s ideological world view.

There has been no real public condemnation of the last three full generations of giving priority to non-whites for housing, education, employment, politics, and immigration. Therefore we believe this climate of non-white privilege should be a safe harbor for merely assessing these quotes in an academic environment (Priory of Salem, Peace Institute) to simply read what these highly influencial leaders in the West are saying about making a new holocaust.

The SPLC has said the organization “Black Lives Matter” is not a hate group and offers them legal assistance in prejudicial discriminatory actions with intent to injure and damage any member of one ethnic group known as Caucasian. The quotes by their founders tell a very dark story. It is well known that members of BLM have carried out massacres of police, and have been caught red handed not only promoting the massacres but also carrying them out.

Several of them are quoted herein, some footage readers may find disturbing, viewer discretion is advised.


Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: White People are Sub-Human

February 13, 2017 Daniel Greenfield Unexpectedly, the co-founder of a racist hate group is a racist. The media has praised and promoted Black Lives Matter. The left…
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No classification as hate, only praised for “standing up” or “shining a light” as Obama called it. Many of these were invited into Obama’s White House even in the middle of the carnage of one of their inspired massacres of police. These have been only See More

Man kills 3 on Fresno street, tells cops he ‘hates white people’

Statistics are in the thousands per month slain in cold blood. Just one city of Chicago typically has over 700 a year killed with guns. Just the gun murders… there are many other ways to die… including days after being pelted over the head or cheapshotted. Most all with this hate ideology, where this white victim group is a minority.

Black Leader Warns on Hannity: ‘War Has Been Declared on Whites’

In this article more than 5 different University Professors have stood by their statements that they are proud on their stance of “exterminating whites”, with rants more severe than Black Panther leaders, saying “tell your friends to kill white people at random”, while others have found another way to package it saying just “whiteness should be exterminated”. It’s from mainline news.Their collective anger has been unrelenting. The clear official government statistics of these hate “murders of random white people” is also so high that it also gets buried and hard to find. I remember pulling it out a decade ago and it was hard to swSee More

Azealia Banks Wants To Kill White People With Her Inborn Witch Powers

As we see here, so many NUMEROUS LEADERS in this present society are pressuring the youth to “kill white people”. And they do it.
Thankfully America has Donald Trump who knows the peaceful solutions like building great and beautiful walls.


 This truth revelation will bring and end to SPLC’S hate campaign. Right now they’re the biggest group of attorneys that promotes and says “black lives matter is not a hate group”, while suing and destroying so many true love groups. We must get these facts to the light.
If they are equal then their mass murder sprees and other crimes as well as their threats should be treated equally as if it was the other way around. Black lives matter founders saying Whites are subhuman etc isn’t even known by 99% of the people.

Will Smith: “Cleanse” Trump Supporters Out Of Our Country

REALCLEARPOLITICS.COM (Spoken while on set portraying bloody massacre scenes of the new film “Suicide Squad”.)

Militant Black and Mexican activist groups come together to unite in a war which they call “killing diablo blanco” “killing the white devils”

Brown Berets: “You old white people, it is your duty to die.”

YOUTUBE.COM militant activists under him are in the thousands in more than 50 local chapters.

Founder of Judge Curiel’s Group: Whites Should Go Back to Europe, CA To Be…

 Top US Absolutist Judge on the Supreme Court prejudically discriminating against ” all white males” saying “every white male should be castrated until they are no longer dominant in Western culture”…/sotomayor-castrate…/

‘We need to start killing people’: Pro-Black Lives Matter preschool teacher unleashes…

 Top Musicians on MTV all singing about “killing all the white people”, “shoot the cops”, “rape your daughter” etc. Making their ranks into the millions of militants, the gangs like Bloods and Crips, etc, all protected groups who are killing 20x as much as any warzone worldwide. Here are several, of a long list:

Anti-White Rap Lyrics – American Renaissance

US inner city gun murder rates are far far higher than the war zones. Take Afghanistan for example. America has 18 times more violent crime murders than Afghanistan. Want to take into consideration America is larger? OK, America has 60% more murders pSee More

Nigeria vs United States: Crime Facts and Stats

Violent gun crime in America is 3 times higher than Iraq (average per 100 residents nationwide). Iraq had all their electric and water system bombed out and were given all the weapons and have 3 ethnic groups at eachothers throat. Still it’s not even 1/3 the murder rates America has in it’s melting pot quagmire…/Iraq/United-States/Crime

Iraq vs United States: Crime Facts and Stats

Small guys like this one, get also magnified in the media, promoting “shooting white police officers”, over and over again.…/man-orders-people…

Rates of unsolved murder by state

Is a larger identified source discovered behind all this bloodshed? Lets look at the shooting arrests: In 2014 in New York City, a black was 31 times more likely than a white to be arrested for murder, and a Hispanic was 12.4 times more likely. For theSee More
Peaceful separation is what all parties are asking for. The forced mixing is the root of all the problems. All other countries should take note. Notice the upward trend begun in the 1960’s when “forced mixing” of the schools became an unConstitutional See More
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In the 1940’s and 50’s violent crime was at a very low rate. People lived in peace and harmony in the good racial separation laws of our Christian society.
Former Attorney General that protected Hillary called for “blood in the streets”…/loretta-lynch-need-more-marching…/

‘Newsweek’ Writer: I Hope GOP Sees Family Members Die After ObamaCare…

After rambling off some more “white cops being shot” Black Lives Matter leader, says it’s an “open season on white cops” and “all cops”

Professor DOUBLES DOWN On “World Without Whiteness” Speech

While 70% of America’s murder cases remain unsolved. We found the wheels of justice took 30-40 years to finally catch up with this Black Serial Killer. DNA proved he killed at least 30 people.…/reputed-serial-killer…
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Hundreds of gruesom black-on-white hate crime stories published in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot”, mostly all covered up by the media as well as police:…/


ANTIFA FLYERS: “The Evil White Race Must Be Destroyed”…/

Liberal Just Arrested For Planning A Killing Spree To Shoot Trump…

Side Note Even Hitler WOULD NEVER EVEN DARE say “kill the jews” , there’s not even one recorded example.
In the UK they’re about 10 years behind of these US community leaders. They’re not demanding “KILL ALL WHITE PEOPLE” yet. In the UK they’re calling only that they ban all white candidates from serving in the government. Those calling for it are getting standing ovations in Parliament:

Obama Has Declared Open Season On Cops

A lot more footage of protest chants of killing whites and cops
Pretty good article, on breaking spiritual curses people acquire from condoning/consenting to various sins, even national sins (by just being silent in the face of them), and a prayer at the end. Most of all I encourage a change in actions of course, with Christ’s help.



Trump just posted a good one of an illegal alien who has been convicted of this white slaughter, where he is saying he wishes to kill many  more.

'Chuck Schumer and the Democrats continue to put the interests of illegal immigrants over those of Americans! #MAGA #MakeAmericaSafeAgain'

Complicit Donald J. Trump


Chuck Schumer and the Democrats continue to put the interests of illegal immigrants over those of Americans!

#MAGA #MakeAmericaSafeAgain

Most of these factual endorsements of mass-genocide are done by community leaders
who have sway over the minds of at least 10s of millions of people.
This type of leftist supremist attitude led up to the slaughter of 66 million Christians in Bolshevist atheist Russia.
9 out of 10 of the school shootings have been carried out by leftist fanatic LGBTQ activists (which is proven to be a self-mutilation disorder in and of itself) who also have an agenda with the same slogans being taught by these University Professors and other public leaders.