Angels of YAHWEH, an Exegetical Literal Study and Functional Lesson by Hon Prof Pastor Leroy Crouch

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**Mp3 Audio**”Angels of YAHWEH, an Exegetical Literal Study and Functional Lesson by Hon Prof Pastor Leroy Crouch” Sub-topic on the Biblical Angels, within another great study on the Holies of Holies. Proving in an exegetical and exact way from the Hebrew and Greek about types of angels and titles of angels. Teaching the true Israel message and making it real, as always to the life of the believer. A Bible Study by Pastor Leroy Crouch, Restoration Ministries. Hosted online by our succession of the original congregation, continuing in his teachings as Bible study group of OCC (Orthodox Church of the Culdees).


testing Revelation chapter [Applause] again let’s begin with verse revelation verse I turned to see the voice that spake with me and being turned I saw seven golden candlesticks and in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of Man clothed with the garment down to the foot Girt about the paps with a golden girdle he said in his hairs were white like wool as white as snow his eyes were as a flame of fire his feet like unto fine brass as if they burned in a furnace and his voice as the sound of many waters and he had in his right hand seven stars and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword and his countenance was as the Sun shineth in his strength and when I saw him I fell at his feet is dead he laid his right hand upon me saying unto me fear not I am the first and the last I am he that liveth and was dead and behold I am Alive for evermore I mean and have the keys of hell and of death write the things which thou has seen the things which are and the things which shall be Hereafter the mystery of the Seven Stars which thou sawest in my right hand and the Seven golden candlesticks the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches my text tonight is verse the mystery of the Seven Stars and the seven golden candlesticks now we’ve been there is no understanding as I said of this book without an understanding of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament and in that Tabernacle we have the lampstand seven bowls centered upon one base the Bible tells us that Christ is our light he is the lamp stand everything that we see here represents him and as you and I are birthed into him we become this lamp stand but in the book of the revelation and by the way I want emphasize to you the book of Revelation is a unique word because the word revelation of the unveiling simply means the removing of the veil the only time that word was ever uses in the tabernacle where it separated the Holy of Holies from the holy place so the revelation means when father pulls back the veil and lets you see clearly what has been hidden so the book of Revelation is a book about hidden things that have been hidden up to that time and then revealed and it’s amazing how many people make it more hidden than revealed this is a priest book it was written by the priesthood it was written to those who were priests remembering that every believer is a priest before him we have direct access to the Father through the blood of the Lamb and by faith in his work and we become a priest and by the anointing of that priesthood we have the anointing to worship and the anointing to serve those are the two functions of the priesthood to worship and to serve you say well I want to very believers a priest and every believer is designed to worship and every believer is designed to serve Christ is seen amongst his seven golden candlesticks of what we see here in these verses or seven of these lamp stands and each one of these lamp stands is a church or as an assembly or as a local calling out one and he’s trying to find that each of us as we come together we must understand that even though I have personal salvation and I’m a personal believer what father looks at is the corporate nosov the body of Christ in other words we have a function as a body it’s what we do together not what we do separately many people think well as long as I live independently doesn’t make any difference what I do as long as I serve Him you cannot adequately serve Him without serving him in the capacity of a local assembly and there’s only seven views of the local assembly that’s why there are seven lampstands this does not mean there aren’t thousands of lampstands there are the whole world is full of lampstands every local assembly is a lampstand is supposed to be a representative of his light on the a we are the light under the world but there’s a collective work that we’re to do we’re to serve one another that the world may see the uniqueness of the genuineness of all of and by the same token we’re to love the ungodly we’re to provoke them to jealousy to where they want what we have most of us push people away because they don’t want what we I’ve heard many Christians say I already got what you got you got problems you got I got problems I gripe I don’t see what you’ve got all you gots a belief and I don’t necessarily believe the way you do well you know what you’re never going to win somebody by belief teaching it is the power of the eternal that makes a difference it is the light that shines from us that causes them to realize they’re in the dark and unless my light have something in it that is so unique that separates me from the rest of mankind I’m not really a witness now this assembly is to be such a unique assembly that is to have an influence upon the whole district of where it shines its light and the first thing is we’ve talked so many times it was a golden candlestick which represents love yellow is the color of love in the scriptures gold is the symbol of divinity meaning his nature is love and that as we incorporate that gold that golden candlestick as we walk in the divine natures we walk in love one towards another we become a light and then the oil can come into those bowls of light and give light now there was a mystery connected with these seven lampstands and it says the mystery of the Seven Stars which thou sawest in my right hand and the Seven golden candlesticks the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches so what we have are seven stars who are seven angels of seven churches and the seven candlesticks which we see are the seven churches so you have the assembly but connected with the assembly of these seven angels or seven stars now what are stars what are angels what we want to do is give you something that the church world doesn’t usually look at but let’s see how many know that you can believe a doctrinal think is in the Bible and find out it was never in the Bible is that true yeah what’s how many of you have a concept of what an angel is anybody here and how they live an angel you know Catholics believe in angels Protestants believe in angels Jews believe in angels Muslims believe in angels Hindus believe in angels everybody believes in angels so at least we’ve got one thing in common but everybody has an idea different of what is an angel well most Christians think that an angel is some kind of a mystical invisible being with wings that floats around in the air and we really don’t know what they do we really don’t know why they’re created but we’re glad that they’re there because each child’s supposed to have one and when we get in trouble they keep us from getting killed and that’s about the extent of the knowledge that the church world has and we have a number of tapes on angels their ministry their function as the Bible teaches it but in the book of Revelation there is an angelic ministry and connected to the church to the seven churches are seven angels meaning that for each Church there is an angel let’s find out who that angel is now what we want to do is realize that in the Bible the word angel doesn’t mean angel how many knew that some of you knew that okay the way they say wait a minute what do you mean what do mean the word angel doesn’t mean angel the word in Hebrew mala and the word in Greek angle us simply which is translated angel we get the word Weiss Los Angeles the city of the angels angel on Delos which it actually comes out of the Greek and the word simply means in any lexicon or in any dictionary messenger anyone who is a messenger somebody that father sends with a message to someone else is a messenger the word used in Hebrew was Moloch and the word used in Greek was Engel and simply means the messenger now if you turned that word just just take the word angel out of the Bible and leave it in its original Hebrew or and it’s a little original Greek form it simply means messenger now let me show you what happens when we come to the reality of what the Bible teaches now I I do believe in a class of angels don’t misunderstanding these angels are messengers they’re messengers of the eternal they have things to say how many know that Gabriel an angel archangel was sent by the father to Mary isn’t it right she was that he was an archangel he came he had a mess he was called the Ark or the first angel or a prince angel special kind of a class of angels and archangels only seven Archangels in the world there’s only seven and it’s amazing they’re seven Archangels there are seven churches and there are seven specific angels but the word simply means messenger they they come directly to bring a message from the eternal to us now these seven angels are also called seven stars let’s see if we can get in trouble tonight which we usually do anyway let’s go back to the Prophet Haggai just before the close of the Old Testament last book of the Old Testament is Malachi and then before that is Zechariah and before that is Hagee I so Hagee is the third book to the back let’s look at something new here Hagee I chapter verse then spake Hagee i Yahweh’s messenger how many can how many read that let me see that there okay of course he had King James then spake IGI the Lord’s messenger see that word messenger now the name of the book is Hagee I write that was the name of a man that was a name of a prophet is this just the book of the Prophet Haggai o’hagi I was a was a prophet in Israel was a man’s name he was a real flesh-and-blood man now in this verse it says then spake Hagee I Yahweh’s messenger now that word messenger in Hebrew is Moloch which is simply angel yet it’s translated messenger in the King James but in the Hebrew it’s the same word translated in the rest of the scriptures as angels how many did milli you find you check us out concordance Strong’s Concordance Young’s concordance or any good Bible that has footnotes the word angel word nice one in the same word alright now let’s put the word angel there and see what it says then spake Hagee I Yahweh’s angel I mean could we look could we legitimately do that if it’s the same word okay can you see that then Hagee I was an angel isn’t he but he certainly isn’t the kind of angel that you and I would suspect now let me ask question how many how many of you think there’s an angel sitting among you right now yeah is it Wow that person is not quite an angel you know we use the word even humanly speaking on that person’s an angel what does it mean to be an angel remember what I told you I believe that there are a distinct class of beings who are not human they’re not ETS well I guess they are ETS their extraterrestrial we’re certainly not belonging to this earth but there in the Bible they are beings who were created by the eternal to be your servants book of Hebrews tells us that father made angels to be your servants there to help you there to keep you alive until you find Christ anybody here have been close to death before they ever got saved you see I shouldn’t be here I was hey I would have been dead if it hadn’t been for angelic ministry and angelic deliverances in my own life they physically picked me up and removed me right out of death and so I’m a living witness to the reality of angels but you see the problem with the church is that we’ve just said that’s the only kind of angel there is the Bible has many kinds or classes of angels and we need to see that because it’ll open up something new to you when we get into the book of Revelation and the later scriptures remember what I said chapter one gives you almost every key you need to understand the rest of the book revelation never making that see that’s why we’ve been on revelation for a whole year we’re giving you all the keys so when we go into it we’ve already unlocked all the doors we can just go right through it see what I’m saying so those of you that have been with us all that time I suggest you get all the tapes get caught up and then when we get into revelation & you’ll say oh I got it no problem you know May’s the people that you live with no more fear you need to get last week’s message no more fear right instead of being afraid of the mark of the least you’ll be excited because you’re not of that number then spike Hagee I Yahweh’s messenger Yahweh’s messenger alright let’s go to the last book of the New Testament Old Testament Malachi chapter Malachi chapter verse for the priests lips should keep knowledge and they should seek the law at his mouth for he is the what do you have messenger Hebrew Mallick in Strong’s messenger of Yahweh of hosts priests are also called in the Bible Melek now we have a prophet who is called Malik we have priests who are caught Malik or if there’s a group of priests there mullah team angels of Yahweh the messengers of Yahweh so we have prophets and we have priests and I’m only picking out a couple of scriptures I mean if we didn’t we could be here for the next year just teaching on angels and I know you don’t want to take that long not that we couldn’t some of you probably know but angels I just want you to get the idea that there’s more to angels than most of us have thought even in the word all I want you to see is that the word translated messenger here is the same word letter by letter as it is for the word angel translated in other scriptures simply means messenger and you can interchange those two words without changing any of the meaning alright now let’s go to Luke let’s go to the New Testament see if we can get any trouble there Luke verse was a strange one Luke and when the messengers of John were departed he began to speak unto the people concerning John now if you read the context about John the Baptist and John the Baptist had some young men who were with him and they were servants to John and John sent some messengers to Yeshua it says here when the messengers yet in the Greek its Angeles same word translated angels in the rest of the scriptures now do you think that John just decided to reach up into heaven pull down a couple of angels and send them the one who said said John had messengers messengers of John departed and began to speak under the people concerning Chuck these were messengers these were called angels so we need to see that particular distinction okay now let’s go to the book of James which is right after the book of Hebrews James chapter verse likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works when she had received the messengers and had sent them out another way now if you go back into the book of Joshua and read it who were the messengers they were memo who were they remember weren’t they weren’t they weren’t they two spies yeah there were two spies right there were just men yet it says here they were messengers but in the Greek it’s angle oo say more translated angels so you could again put the word angel in there so that when she had received the angels she sent them out another way these were men they were angels okay I want you to see that there are a min class they can click see here’s the problem I was in confusion for about years when I was studying angels because I came across these words and I said it doesn’t make sense to me it brought confusion because I thought angels referred to a specific class and one day I realized that every title in the Bible when you find a name refers not to an individual but to a function of an individual and many people can fill the bill you have for instance today we have different relationships there’s different each one of you could be a cook but you could be a cook in a different capacity but you’d all be participating in the process of a cook and how many know that there’s nothing worse when the woman thinks that the word cooked means woman it’s a lot of when we said wait a minute you know the man can cook now there’s some women who don’t want their men to cook and I don’t blame them and there’s some women who want their men to cook and there’s various things going on there but there’s a lot of men who think only women should cook that’s not a woman function at all the word cooked means it’s not whether it’s masculine or feminine the word cook simply means that it’s someone who prepares food D by the same word the word angel does not refer to a class of being but refers to a particular function of that being of which many different types of creations can fill so the word angel means messenger whether it’s father him because in the Bible we at the time I could show you where the father himself is called an angel in the Bible I can show you where the son Yeshua is also called an angel and I can show you where the prophets were called an angel men were called an angel Lucifer was called an angel and other beings were called angels these are functions and when anyone becomes his messenger you at that moment are said to have received an angel by receiving the messenger as though because you see your father is speaking there’s got to be a message he’s trying to communicate a message and whoever he has to speak through but strangers angel in the whole Bible was Balaam’s donkey father spoke through a donkey he was giving a message that moment although it doesn’t say it specifically the implication is there he gave a message in that sense of the word the donkey became an angel he entered into the angelic office not by a change of his nature but by producing a message by becoming the mouthpiece of the eternal as Gabriel were sent from the eternal to give a message to Mary he was sent to bring a message if I have a message to you at that moment that message I am filling the office of angle oi or mullah I am fulfilling the office of his I am his messenger at that moment I am his angel and so there are seven angels for the seven churches can you see that at least I hope you can let’s go back to Genesis we’re gonna see a double play on this word again I don’t want to beat it to death but I do want you to see that there’s some implications here and then we’ll go back to the book of Revelation I don’t want to spend the whole study on it but Genesis verse and verse two different kinds here same word in Hebrew Jacob went on his way and the Malik team of Elohim the angels of God met him here we read that Jacob was going on his way getting ready to media saw his brother and angels came now here we know that these were special beings that were not of Earth class quality who came to assist him and to give him a message but in verse it says and Jacob sent messengers now notice that translators use the word angels in verse one can you see that and in verse three they use the word messengers can you see that but if you had the hebrew scriptures in front of you both words are the same word small him and me bru same word exactly like any Lexi can look up any interlinear get the NIV and go to any Bible bookstore by the NIV inter lineal you’ll see it for yourself it’s small Akeem straight and simple so here we find that Elohim sent to Malik team and Jacob himself sent to melon team now we don’t believe that Jacob all of a sudden had a house full of angels and he says you two angels would you go and do this no he simply sent two of his own men with a message from him can you see that Jacob sent messengers before him to Esau his brother and you see it say all I want you to see is that the translators use two different words yet in the original it’s one and the same word that’s all I’m trying to get across all right now let’s go to the Book of Numbers chapter verse Numbers chapter verse Moses sent messengers again a strong same word Maliki Moses sent messengers from Kadesh unto the king of Edom thus saith thy brother Israel thou knowest all the travail that has befallen us and when he sent messengers he sent angels yet these were not the the celestial type angels these were terrestrially there were messengers that he sent they but again it’s the same word Maliki used in the rest of the scriptures verse and when we cried unto Yahweh he heard our voice and sent in what angel again same word an amazing the translators use different words here it’s one in the same word in the Hebrew now let’s go to a very weird chapter the book of Judges the sixth book of the Old Testament our seventh book I’m sorry after Joshua seventh book the book of Judges chapter six this is an interesting chapter theologians love this chapter seven times the word Milad him Yahweh appears the angel of the Lord you ever heard a phrase the angel of the Lord find that in Psalms that’s a special title for the preincarnate car look at if any commentary Catholic or Protestant will tell you it’s a preincarnate title for Christ for Christ was born of the Virgin Mary in his eternal deity manifested in some form of a human form he was known as the angel of Yahweh let’s let’s let’s read this together in judges we don’t have time to read the whole chapter but it’s very profound times this word is used twice it is used by Gideon himself in a natural basis but in the Hebrew it’s one in the same word let’s pick up at verse judges verse then Yahweh sent a prophet under the children of Israel which said unto them thus saith yahweh elohim of israel i wish i had time to teach those of you that are new here the real meaning of yahweh elohim of israel it’s so powerful all through the bible is a covenant with the house of israel he has a covenant with those who are the seed of Abraham and how many know when you put your faith in Christ Galatians you are the seed of Abraham there’s a covenant that’s attached to it the Yahweh Elohim is the covenant with us in the New Testaments called the blood of the new covenant the New Testament the New Covenant and we are people of the New Covenant and this covenant is is ratified through the name Yahweh Yahweh means covenant keeper alright so thus saith yahweh elohim of israel i brought you up from Egypt and brought you forth out of the house of bondage and I delivered you out of the hand of the Egyptians and out of the hand of all that oppressed you and drove them out from before you and gave you their land and I said unto you I am Yahweh your Elohim fear not the other teams of the amorite sand whose land you dwell but you have not obeyed my voice and there came an angel same word again Moloch team there came an angel of Yahweh and sat under an oak which was in Oprah they knew that Oprah’s on channel every day we didn’t know that she had a pre-incarnate existence in the Bible did we know person just he’s an opiate on it there came an angel of Yahweh and sat under an oak I may know that Abraham sat under a yoke a yoke uh-huh that’s a sat under an oak which was in Oprah that pertained unto joash the abyss is aright we almost have to be stoned to hear that one and his son Gideon threshed wheat by the winepress to hide it from the Midianites and the angel Malek Yahweh the angel of Yahweh appeared unto him unto Gideon and said unto Him yahweh is with thee and here comes the angel of Yahweh and the moment this angel appears the angel himself is saying to Gideon I’m Yahweh did you can you see that it’s really powerful in Hebrew the ain’t that you know this this totally does away with the Jehovah Witnesses teaching that Christ was just a an angel from the creation why right why is it any more difficult for the eternal to become born in flesh than it is for an angel they some of them you know believe that Michael the Archangel became Christ don’t haven’t figured out why they believe that the body of Christ is still in the tomb only his spirit arose how do you resurrect the spirit for pete’s sake spirits don’t die and the angel of Yahweh appeared unto him and said unto Him ye always with thee thou mighty man of Valor and Gideon said unto him all my Yahweh huh what’s that say he said that Gideon looked under the angel and I remember the Bible says thou shall not worship any other deity other than Yahweh is it right or wrong you’ll find this same phrase in the book of Revelation I’ll show it to you in a minute off it’s why I’m using this show you the same phrase in the book of Revelation when it comes to the Apostle John himself and Gideon looks up at this my like this angel and says all my Yahweh that’s the it’s the Hebrew there my Yahweh if Yahweh be with us why then is all this befallen us how many of you have ever said that in relationship to your trial if you have fathers with me why is all this happening huh you’re you ever wondered eh yeah yeah I’ve been commuting with Louise for four days we’ve been just heavy intercessory prayer no let up on the pain and the doctors can do nothing why usually before she’s had release after twenty-four hours this is this is going into about hours of just solid intense pain and it’s slowly getting worse why why we’re praying other people hurt we pray why you know all of us got the e the interesting questions right I’m time to time we answer so hang in there I’ll give you the answer I’ll give you the answer tonight but I’ll give you the answer dangle dangle hina just wants you to see that it’s in the Bible there’s a reason these questions are not put in here to dangle us but we have to be taught stat there is no simple answer folks I wish there was for every effect there is a cause that’s an absolute if you want to understand why did that happen for every effect there is a cause for a human being there are three causes for every problem and unless you eliminate all three causes you will have never eliminate the effect that’s a law how many know that you’re a spiritual being your psychological being they keen and feeling and choosing and you’re a physical being there’s a root it can be traced to your spirit and to spirits there are spirits of affliction spirits of affliction steal so you’re to tread on serpents you’re to take authority over those spirits but there’s more to your affliction than just spirits and how many messengers are there out there that preach it’s everything’s a demon you ever heard that one everything’s a demon hog who I said everybody’s deal but there are something you see the truth is the balance between two extremes that make sense truth is the balance between two extreme we’ve got two extremes either no demons or everything’s a demon why can’t we just balance man’s balance there are demons they’re very rare in the life of a Christian believe that or not they’re very rare in the life of Christian but it can happen there are times when you are on the verge of a great discovery with father or you’re on the verge of becoming a great blessing to the Assembly Satan knows it he’s got to stop it and you’re being attacked by demonic powers and unless you understand spiritual warfare you will lose regardless of how much you pray father says that you have got to bind the strongman that’s why we’re spending Sabbath’s teaching you how to bind you have the authority to bind those afflicting spirits from your life but how in the world could they get into my life in the first place if I’m a Christian great question I’m glad you asked it well that’s because you have another part to your nature called soul here if there’s a buddy boy he’s got great soul it’s called soul music he’s a soul brother well the Bible doesn’t have that many nice things to say about soul unless it’s fly of soul but other than that soul is really the word translated carnal believe it or not in the Bible is just the word soul but the word soul is that area where you think and you’re thinking this isn’t always lined up with the scriptures you’re thinking doesn’t always bring the anointing you’re thinking you can keep the anointing from you because we get into negativity we get into a negative part and expression spirit you ever heard a negative spirit it means more than just being demonic it means the man himself has adopted the philosophy and becomes very negative when it enters into the area of the soul then the soul has to repent and without repentance there can be no deliverance so even if the demons left and you didn’t repent you’re still going to have the problem because that’s a root cause and you have a physical problem which requires a healing and sometimes some healings come from simply wrong diet father cannot heal people that have had wrong diets until they repented their diet and put it back together again doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to we’ve all seen that from time to time I’ve had miraculous healings where it just came there been ties man I had to struggle for months to get a healing one day I realized I was violating a natural law that he had created and when I lined up with that law the effect was totally gone how many know that you can’t smoke three packs of cigarettes a day acquire lung cancer and say healed me of my cancer while I smoke my cigarettes father I’m not judging anybody who smokes don’t misunderstand me what I’m trying to say is it it doesn’t make common sense I mean if you you know a little boy one day in front of our house ran in front of a car and got killed and everybody said why’d God kill him I didn’t know God did I thought it was the car now I’m not being facetious I’m being realistic God didn’t kill the kid the parents didn’t train the child to not run into the streets and if you run in front of a car you’re going to be creamed nobody’s fault foolishness sometimes we do some stupid things we get ourself in trouble okay these things just happen so all I’m trying to teach you is is that sometimes we find ourself in trouble now Israel was in trouble they were in war they had enemies but if you read the book of Judges it says everybody went and did what they thought was all right he didn’t ask they didn’t follow the word they didn’t line up their ducks well when anybody because how many know that if you have a big house you got seven or eight people living in your house and everybody’s gonna do whatever they want to do how many know you’re gonna have chaos go to bed I won’t go to middle yeah go to bed I’m not gonna go to bed you know the bathroom I gotta use the bathroom I’m not gonna get out of the bathroom well you can’t use it anyway it’s my turn to go next and we can have this fighting go on day after day there’s a lot of families who live like that it’s a lifestyle but it’s war it’s terrible well we’re gonna have to make some changes you can’t blame that on the eternal and you can’t blame that on demons you got to blame that on rebellious nough some selfishness right so if we understand that why is all this evil upon an Sultan you know let’s take another example and I hope I don’t as I’m not thinking of anybody or their families I mean sometimes some of you tell me things but when I’m preaching I I I’m not thinking reference to anybody okay but every once awhile I encounter people and they have a what is called an alcoholic father and in the midst of that alcoholism the family was brought to absolute poverty and the child says come there’s no food eat why is God doing this he didn’t father did it now would you ever understand responsibility we could correct a lot of things does that make sense you see what I’m saying why why is America in the problem it is today because men won’t take responsibility for right actions and line them self up with this word fair and simple if we did with this Bible taught we wouldn’t need to be electing an unprecedent we’d have a righteous King biblical style Israel was for the first time in its history in total peace with no poverty without a sick one among them without a poor one among them during the latter days of King David and during the early reign of King Solomon how many knew that because they absolutely lined up with the Lord and the priests served him and the Prophet served him and the King served him and they worshiped him and the whole nation was a religious nation and if we could get whole families dedicated to the same person worshiping him together and our families would be healed hallelujah we wouldn’t have the chaos that we have why is this happening well that’s an effect behind every effect there’s a cause and there are spiritual causes there are individual causes that’s the soul and there are biological causes when we eliminate all three roots we end up with brand new effects and in Bible language that is called the blessing or the healing that makes sense you see what I’m talking about so people know if you’re gonna see a true doctor a true healer is going to heal all of you somebody came to me one time it said pastor would you pray for me I want to stop smoking I said nope well I never heard a preacher ever say no when it came to stop smoking because they’re all Priesthood don’t smoke you got a smoke and have it come up here and I’ll pray for you how many know there’s a lot of people who have a smoking habit who want to get rid of it they gonna get prayed for how many know they leave the church go back out smoke you’re seen in heaven people go out and they smoke after they got prayed for for not smoking so it isn’t just prayer that cures your smoking but in years of ministry I’ve got a pretty good record because about of all the people I’ve prayed for I’ve only had one go back to it and all the rest were delivered instantly and never had the desire again now what am I doing differently in anybody else I don’t pray for them not without one hour of intense counseling on the three roots of what causes smoking problems and when I deal with all three routes I tell them their responsibility I tell them father’s responsibility and I tell him mine and when you do your part and he does his part I’ll do my part but until the two of you do your part I can’t do a thing but I’ll tell you what you line up your ducks I line up my duck I pray for you you’re healed brother and I’ve seen it time and time again in any realm I don’t care what our young it was smoked either drinking or drugs you name the problem all we have to do is turn it cause and effect but there’s three parts to our nature we’re in a war folks we’re in a war the devil is not our only enemy how many know that we’ve got another enemy it’s called self I’m my own last enemy how many of you have ever said to yourself I gotta get up tomorrow now if you’ve been living in a body as long as I have there’s some of you here today maybe just about as old as me but most of you are quite a bit younger than me but if if you’ve been around living in your body as long as I’ve been living in mine you’ve come to realize that on a certain amount of hours of sleep you don’t function too well in any realm spiritually or mentally or anyway you just phased out you’re in Twilight Zone the body shapes short-tempered irritable faster well it’s amazing what lack of sleep can do to somebody and so what do you do you say well I got to get a permit amaro morning and all of a sudden somebody comes over starts talking to you then we’ll go home and then all of a sudden oh it’s a good movie on Oh anyone is now that’s okay you get interests in the movie they seen this really late then you say I can’t go to sleep now then about in the morning I’m gonna hate myself tomorrow three hours later the alarm goes off and you hate all day long what you did last night but you knew last night what you would know that do anyhow you know what I’m saying see we’re all the worst enemies in there and then there’s always a meeting run to say I told you so and that just aggravates the situation a little bit see we always have joke comforters around right why didn’t you do that if you knew better see and there’s a whole bunch of preachers that are job comforters to now I really don’t want to be a joke comforter I’m not here to tell you what you what you’re blowing I’m just here to tell you that if it is blown you might want to look at yourself in a new light if you want to keep blowing it be my guest I’m still gonna love you that’s a little different in it but what we’re trying to do is get you to face the responsibility that I need to turn around so what’s got to do with angels well I’m getting to it I mean after all you asked me to give you the answer the question I’m just trying to slide across it a little bit without dangling it too far is that does that answer a little bit for you though it just kind of helped a little bit the understand there’s a there’s a demonic side which you can bind there’s the soul side that you’ve got to repent of and there’s a physical side and what you need all the help you can get Ella we okay let’s go on find these gonna go on verse Gideon said in him oh my Yahweh if Yahweh be with us why Denis all this befallen this and where it be all this miracles which our fathers told us of saying did not Yahweh bring us up out of Egypt now Yahweh if forsaken us deliver this into the hands of the Midianites and Yahweh looked upon him and said go in this that I might now look at I see and Yahweh looked upon him and said no you can’t read that in the other way to know that that was the eternal right it’s the eternal and yet he is an angel can you see that he’s got a met that the eternal himself appeared to get Ian with a message and he gave him a message in the midst of a crises how many of you need a message in the midst of a crises right you know what as long as it’s a devil around and the long as there’s flesh around you’re liable to have a crises at least once a day you need and I need some help to get out of it till I learn not to get back in it Yahweh looked upon him and said go and this and I might from thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites have not I what sin thing that’s an interesting word that the word dis and is the word Apostle an apostle is the function of an angel an angel is them is a messenger ur but an apostle is the one sent with the message can you see the distinction and he said unto Him o my Yahweh with wherewith shall I save Israel behold my family is poor in Manasseh and I am the least in my father’s house and Yahweh said unto him surely I’ll be with thee and thou shalt smite the Midianites is one man and he said unto him if now I have found grace in thy sight then show me a sign that thou talkest with me depart not hence I pray thee until I come under the embrace and said it before the end he said I will tarry until they’ll come again and Gideon went in made ready a kid unleavened cakes of an F all flour the flesh he put in a basket and he put the broth in a pot brought it out unto him under the Oaks and presented it and the angel the Malik of Elohim said unto him take the flesh the unleavened cakes laid them upon the rock and pour out the broth and he did so then they might like the angel of Yahweh messenger of Yahweh put forth the end of the staff that was in his hand and touched the flesh the unleavened cakes and there rose up fire out of the rock and consumed the flesh and the unleavened cakes then the angel of Yahweh he departed out of his sight and when Gideon perceived that he was an angel or messenger or Moloch of Yahweh Gideon said alas o Yahweh Elohim for because I have seen an Malik and Angel a Messenger of Yahweh face-to-face pnom the pnom in Hebrew which is the word used of the high priest in the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur and you always said unto Him Shalom peace now remember Shalom in Hebrew means when all the enemies of your heavenly Father are under your feet there is going to be no peace is going to be no Shalom until every enemy is under your feet do you think there are enemies that are against you because you’re standing for father you’re trying to make a stand for father you’re trying to do what is right just because you do what is right doesn’t mean there aren’t enemies out there they’re opposed to you peace but he says I’m giving you Shalom you know what he’s saying I’m giving you a victory there’s not an enemy out there that can stand against you that’s not a enemy out there that’s going to conquer you’re gonna win the fight you know it’s awful nice to know that if you’re going to fight at least you’re gonna win isn’t that right I guess that means we got to turn the tape over all right verse Yahweh said unto Him Shalom be unto thee fear not thou shalt not die I like that don’t you I’m not gonna I’m gonna contact within me I’m gonna make it I’m gonna make it man if we need any message at all I don’t care how many up yar you’re gonna make it we need some good news folks I don’t care how bad it looks we’re gonna make it hallelujah then Gideon built an altar there unto Yahweh and he called it Jehovah or Yahweh Shalom on to this day it is yet Onofre of the every sites down in verse we read that Gideon then sent messengers again it’s the same word throughout all Manasseh so he sent Malik eehm he sent angels yet it’s a different word used here but in the Hebrew it’s one in the same word so the very thing that father sent to Gideon Gideon now takes in the natural and sends it to his people messengers okay Isaiah when I got to more scriptures I’ll hang in there bring this message to a close Isaiah prophet Isaiah chapter verse and he heard saying concerning turcica king of ethiopia he has come forced to make war with thee and when he heard it he sent messengers it’s number is Strong’s Maliki man Hebrew Angelo’s in Greek messengers or angels to Hezekiah he definitely didn’t send celestial beings he sent earthly beings can you see that verse and Hezekiah received the letter from the hand of the messengers of the malla team okay now go down to verse of the same chapter then the angel again same word then the angel of Yahweh went forth and smote in the camp of the Assyrians , here’s one angel that smote a hundred and eighty-five thousand soldiers one angel smote a hundred and eighty-five thousand trained soldiers somebody says to me what would happen if we went to war and there’s a whole military barrage sitting out there outside of your house guns tanks weapons even an atomic bomb ready to drop on your house do you know I Christ what are we gonna do dad I have to take the mark of the beast ah shut up you know what this says here he simply called his messenger and this one angel while they sat there as the Prophet looked out of his house window and he absolutely watched his property being surrounded by thousands of enemy soldiers in this one angel literally smote them all while the Prophet watched the word becoming fulfilled in his life he’s a see they can’t touch me can’t touch me folks our eyes have got to be on him who so loves us that we release our faith in knowing that he loves me more than people’s hatred of me the worst that can happen to you is nothing compared to what father can do or yet which means Satan’s best and your flesh is best is nothing compared to him he has the answer to the whole problem all right let’s go to the book of Revelation chapter I didn’t get as far as I wanted to go but we’ll bring it to a close at this point wants you to see this Revelation chapter when we were on the first verse of chapter of Revelation we preached another aspect of the same message now we’re going to hit it from another angle revelation verse revelation verse and he said unto me these sayings are faithful and true and Yahweh Elohim of the Holy Prophets sent his what angel engel us to show unto his servants the things which must shortly be done behold I come quickly blessed is he that keeps the sayings of the prophecy of this book and I John saw these things and heard them and when I heard and seen I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which showed me these things now wait a minute now I have a problem right at this point did you read what I just read did it say that John that great apostle who was a great Hebrew who understood the ear to worship no one but the eternal wasn’t it right I mean would you agree with me that all the prophets all the apostles knew that they were to worship Him only that wasn’t that Hebrew law you’re not to worship angels right it’s forbidden no Hebrew was ever allowed to worship anyone but their one and only true deity yet here’s John mousedown before this angel and starts to worship Him I got a problem with that wouldn’t you do you suppose that this angel was so glorious that he actually mistook it for Christ himself I mean I can’t picture John for any reason worshipping a human being I mean if a glorious being appeared to you would you assume that it was probably Christ what if it wasn’t Christ what it was what if it was Gabriel I mean how many of you would would have the intelligence to know the distinction between Gabriel or Christ if either one appeared before you they both are beings of light they both radiate they both shine how can you tell the difference one has wings one has wounds that’s if you look closely but when there’s full of light you can’t see the hands and that’s a hard question that’s a hard eyesight to look at but how many can see that that’s what he did I’m convinced he really believed that he thought he was looking at the glorified Christ watch what it says watch this what’s this with me verse then saith he that is the angel then saith he unto me that is John see thou do it not for I am thy what fellow servant and I am of I brethren the prophets hmm wait a minute you mean this angel that’s all through the book of Revelation this angel was none other than one of the prophets what a change what’s that say that don’t worship me I am your fellow servant number one I am of I brethren now you can’t be a brother unless you’re of the same house same quality same standards same flesh you right we’re brethren right I mean you don’t walk up to your dog and you say that’s my brother now you can look at your brother and say he’s a dog but you know welcome to your dog and call him a brother okay yeah I am of your brethren the prophets Oh John was a prophet right John was the prime of your brethren the prophets and I am of them which keep the sayings of the book worship him is it possible that the seven angels of the seven churches we did even get into the star portion so we’ll pick up there next week the stars what does the Bible teach about stars why did a star in the east well what’s that sir you’re heard the word star would star Bethlehem what was that star was it a real star was it really the planets lighting up and creating an effect so profound that it could literally radiate its light from the light-years away you’re all the way down into one singular little house everybody wants to have natural explanation for supernatural things so they can explain in a way therefore have no responsibility to worship Him question is it all boils down to the word star in the word angel in all through the Bible the word star again is like the word angel that’s used in the same context the word star the word angels are synonymous wherever you find the word star you’ll find the word angels wherever you find the word angels messengers in every context you’ll find the word star also stars are mentioned of the celestial beings and stars they’re also mentioned of you how many know that in Hollywood today we have what is called movie stars it what is it possible that we have what is called church stars that’s right that means people who shine people who have an influencing factor we’d like to model life’s after them and imagine anybody modeling after Madonna but I won’t say it okay what we need to understand is that as each of us begins to fill the office that we were called to father calls us by a different name and at that moment I’m an angel at that moment I’m his messenger at that moment I have something to deliver it to you and I don’t want you to see me in any other capacity and when he spoke to these churches he simply said to each of these churches there is an angel over it there is what I believe is another synonymous word it’s called Pastore and when father anoints me with a message I am at that moment they mark our IM the angel of the Lord I am he who has a message for you that if you say father speak to me today now listen to me I’ve had people say during the day I would cry out old father show me what to do I didn’t know they prayed that prayer I didn’t even know there was a problem when I looked at my watch and during the day Liam strange things that happened to me I’m not a watch looker but during the day strange things happen I’ll just look down all of a sudden it’s like fascination oh minutes to okay why I don’t know and then I find out within hours at that exact moment somebody had said father thus himself and I received a message I had a message he said to me father Spooky’s is not when you go to church tonight I have given you a message for several people who are hurting today and I want you to make sure you include this in your message how about they’ve given any thought I wouldn’t ever anybody cross my mind to give that message you gave me a special I go to church and I can’t wait for these two people or whoever they are to walk in I’ve got the message for it and they don’t even show up and then the next thing they call me if I said my problem and I said I know stay there paster that’s not nice I know it but I hope you understand what I’m saying many times father wants you to understand and if he doesn’t speak directly to you it’s because sometimes he wants to speak to you in the congregation there’s a reason for that because there’s other people who need the message to may not be aware of it some of you are just getting ready to go into a trial some of you are in the trial some of you are coming out of the trial but all of us that and I’m speaking on the trial it’ll all have expen Offit’s at the moment but there’s a message there’s a message here tonight each of you or to have a message every day you’re to receive a message from the eternal this book is an angel this book is as a message for you you can receive this every day I have a message for you you will never come to me personally and not get a message from me I have a met I pray every day father every person that crosses my path let me be your voice to that person and there are times when I feel his divinity so profound upon me that I don’t even feel like Leroy anymore now the person looking at me says actually right I can’t tell any difference still look the same act the same do whatever but there’s something in me it’s not coming from the same area of my nature I can feel it pouring out of me and it’s like I’m looking at you through the eyes of the eternal and I’m absorbed in the message and at that moment I am his angel I am a messenger and if we could learn to hear each other in that sense of the word I believe that revelation would unfold to us all day long we need to realize that father is in the midst of us and he does sometimes believe it or not he does speak through his pastors maybe just once in a while but he does speak a lot of people thing yes began through him well you know we’ll wait and see won’t we anyway that’s the message I hope you got something out of it tonight it’s a different kind of a Bible study I hope that we’ll go back to the lab Stan will deal will close revelation one next week believe it or not is that neat we’re going to close the book revelation for the first time we’re only going to get in revelation we’re going to go through revelation and three fast but we’re going to close revelation next time on speaking on the final remains of the golden candlestick the Seven Stars and uniting it in the vision of the church as we move into the church age as I show you the seven sevens of Revelation two and three the final climax of the church age Amen father thank you tonight for your word and for your message for your messengers that each of us as we enter into the floor of the Spirit can bring forth a message from your spirit to one another a message of encouragement a message of love a message of hope well father today in a world of gloom and doom we need messages of hope we need to know that all is not lost that all it’s not gone that in the midst of pain in the midst of struggle and frustration there is a message still to be heard and gleaned and you still send your angels sometimes we’re so blind we don’t recognize them but if you could speak through a jackass you could speak through us use us today father as your mouthpieces for your glory in Yeshua’s name and everyone said amen amen can we have the Deacons come up at this time we’ll take the offering