Total of 7 LGBTQ Super Bowl Ads will be shown (leftist absolutist showdown)

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SUPER BOWL ADS will be showing a Total of 7 LGBTQ Commercials featuring LGBTQ extremist radicalism for families to be subjected to. You can see the full list here:

The list is all very commercial, so don’t twist what I say about definition of commercials, as it’s worse than the basic commercials in the way they’re doing it. All are a brand and all are sponsored. So it is even more indepth financial sponsorship, or commercial.

I’m calling this a leftist absolutist showdown.

This has all come through Govt funding campaigns started by the likes of Obama. When he twittered a promotion of transgenders in the olympics, no one in the media told him to get off twitter. He said a lot worse things about putting illegals in cages and separating their families than Trump would ever imagine to say. Still because he promoted the leftist stunt “big business ruling elite” he was not condemned.

These leftist absolutist political stunts by those liars in power, augmented by this very present danger of “big business deadlock of sensationalism” has gotten way out of hand. It has gone so far that fewer people can allow the reverse view in their hearts, to even imagine now the alternate view. There are those calling themselves the “new mainstream” and they boldly are “calling for violence” against non-leftists. I have many examples how extreme violence and crimes, condoned by every rank of society, is boldly promoted to be committed against any who don’t bow and confess they agree with the views of LGBTQ radicals.

This cultural shift of promoting “violence and crimes” against non-leftists is culturally evident in the whole impeachment process of the President. Throughout the whole, the left has continued to boldly do illegal attacks on regular rights which would normally be of the highest respect throughout any case. Only because so many crimes were committed by the left, they have gone much farther into treason against the US President with a louder and louder voice.

This “left vs humanity” argument goes without saying of what they think of Christians. So many are in denial and do not want to admit or come to terms with what they think about the religious believers. They have already successfully taken away rights to teach the core Christian doctrine about sin and “confession and repentance before communion”. These things are even crimes in various parts of America, to teach the regular liturgies of worship to the people. In many cases the Pastor can be arrested during the worship ceremony for simply worshipping and reading aloud the sacred orthodox words.

Most agree that in the last decade LGBTQ’ers made up only 1-2% of the population. This new extreme leftist stunt started to explode over the last 5 years. This latest Superbowl stunt makes it hard to label this as an “explosion” in comparison to the previous 5-10 years of radicalist propaganda by atheist groups in power in the government.

Their ideology is called “prohibiting the free exercise of the establishment of any religion”, taught everywhere as the new religion. A total reverse from the government documents, proving there is a takeover in full swing. This is tragic for all the partners of the original government.

SHAME ON ANYONE who does not promote a full boycott of such sins. Even Breitbart is going soft on this all, see

So lets pray for them all as any religious should. Lets send along this notice of boycott as well. I give you my permission to copy and forward it on. God Bless all the faithful.

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Yours in Christ

Dr. Stephen Michael d’Guelph Brunswick

Primace, OCC