Honoring of St Gall and St Othmar in the Orthodox Church of the Culdees

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In tradition of the high Franko-Gothic Nobles, the Monastic Rule of Saint Columbanus(the Irish Culdee Missionary), was continuously promulgated in the farthest corners of the Germanic Empire.

At the early foundation, with the Kings of the Carolingian Empire, these great Celtic schools became the bedrock of our civilization. The Irish illuminated literature and highest schools of sciences culminated into today’s Culdee establishment of St Gall and St Othmar. So the larger official schools known as the Monastery of St Gall were established with the royal backing and help of the sons of Charles Martel (King Pepin and Carloman). Although Benedictine is compatible, the Scots-Irish Columban held a more strict practice. Among these were the Orthodox true 7th Day Sabbath keeping (as within the rule of St Columbanus). See the source in the Catholic encyclopedia article: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/06347a.htm.

Nearly all early Germanic places of worship were of the Celtic Culdees, and after they had converted the Latins took them over through the order of St Benedict. There were sometimes an accepted merger with Culdees and Benedictines. See our article on this topic, how the Benedictines only tread where the Celtic Culdees first cultivated: “Spread of the Culdean Church” free Chapter from “History of the Scottish Nation” or The History of The Celtic Church (All Three Volumes): History of Civilization From Pre-historic Times To Medieval Times.

The first major Monastery was built there to formalize the true original importance of the Germanic success, which was ensured by the lasting rule of the Culdees. So they retained it a central theme of the original West Germanic Empires, against this rival order of Rome. This was accomplished with the reinstatement of the Culdees in the schools of St Gall, and the Orthodox Church of the Culdees does celebrate this today. These great schools were formally built at the site of St Gall, a Royal Germanic territory, ever keeping Independence schisms in defiance Rome. St Gall was one of the twelve disciples who came to the continent from Ireland together with the Missionary (Saint Columbanus). They are also widely reputed to have had a status and place at the See of Glastonbury. So the ministry of St Gall was most established there in that part of Switzerland, first backed by these successor houses of the original Germanic Gothic Nobility in the house of the Frankish Kings, later the bloodline Heirs of the House of Brunswick. The first lands deeded to St Gall and his successors there near Arbon Switzerland, was recorded to come from these Franko-Gothic Royals, namely from Sigebert II. He gave it as a gift to St Gall for curing his wife of a demonic possession, given from the Royal treasury for the purpose of founding there a Monastery. It took some time for St Gall to organize as there was much resistance by the latin orders then trying to usurp the original pure orthodox religion. He was offered the Abbice of Luxeuil(also a site of great Celtic schools and illuminated manuscripts), which he declined, and continued there near Arbon where he died at the age of 95. Within the next 100 years was finally erected the great Monestary there, with several generations of Franko-Gothic kings granting their continual backing. King Pepin is said to had personally admonished St Othmar to reinstate the original rule of St Columbanus, removing the ever-encroaching rule of St Benedict.

A Connection To The House of Brunswick Today:

From the Facebook page “D’Este Guelph Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel-Oels, Senior Branch, House of Welf”:

The following was posted by the House of Guelph, the true original house, which realizes the need to repay and rebuild the Clergy of the Culdees.:

One of our many bindings from the house of Guelph to the Church of the Culdees. This one came from a promised continual maintenance and restitution. The offerings to the Abbey have to be degrading to our chief house, meaning it takes a piece of us. As the Abbey of St. Gall when presided over by St Othmar was persecuted by the Guelphs and the said Abbot died in exile. From thenceforth became an annual tributary to the said Abbey, making up for our sins of descrating such abbey, and done under promises so in order to secure blessings for the coming year, these were religiously followed. St Othmar stood in the position of successor of St Gall, the founder of said church land called St. Gallen. St Gall was one of the twelve companions who came with St Columbanus from Ireland in the 6th Century to convert the continent to the original and true religion of the Apostle St John and St Joseph of Arimathea http://orthodoxchurch.nl/2019/12/numerous-ancient-manuscripts-confirming-st-joseph-of-the-sanhedrin-founded-the-british-hebrew-priesthood-at-glastonbury-in-36ad/ who in the First Century with St Aristobulus and St Andrew converted the whole Celtic lands. The regular sending of Missionaries from the Celtic lands to the East is well documented, as the center of religion was at Glastonbury. This was maintaining the true Orthodox religion in rivalry of the rule of the pretenders of St Peter and St Paul at Rome. Glastonbury England had flourished so much for the first 10 centuries of Christendom that it was called the Second Rome and the Fountain and Origin of All Religion. All later emissaries of Rome also yielded on this point which has continuously been clearly proven that our church holds more seniority and proof of antiquity than Rome could ever claim.