Confederate Grandfathers of Rev Stephen MK Brunswick, Confederacy Soldiers

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From Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick, at our office on Dixieland Rd: 

Counting here only my US Confederacy ancestors, the ones who fought as Soldiers. These are mostly just GG Grandpa. However some were GGG (3x!), and one is my GGGG Grandpa.
(My Confederate America Nott lines are founders of the original government of America as a “Perpetual* Confederation” (before and after the English dominance as the true de jure Government of America before the states changed to be corporate entities) and the family in Virginia as well as South Carolina (Dr. Josiah Nott, moved to Alabama) lead the greatest Anthropological studies (books still are used today in Eugenics studies, medical cases against interracial marriage etc). Dr. Josiah C Nott was a Confederate surgeon and Director of multiple Alabama hospitals). These other coats of arms are of my Confederate GG Grandparents who were Confederate soldiers (Officers mostly) in Tennessee, South Carolina, and additional in Alabama.
It should be noted that all the states were Sovereign countries and the US Constitution itself still today says the Federal agent is only to guarantee a Republican form of government for each state, and that the power is in the states, not the central government.
In any case I like to mention the Southern heritage which was fought for by these my Grandparents.
Grandpa Williams / English Nobility                          Grandpa Howle / Welsh Nobility


Grandpa Nott / Saxon-Norman Nobility                      Grandpa Cochrane / Scottish Nobility

Grandpa Barker / English Nobility