Sin Relationship, Biblical Definition of Sin: “Transgression of the law” losing rewards RM 8-3-91

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This one Bible verse can save Theologians 20 years of Bible school:


1John 3:4 “Sin is the transgression of the law.”

70% of His law is only nationally applicable. 

He commanded us “pray His kingdom come on earth” and “seek first His Kingdom”, and “the Saints of the most high will take the kingdom and possess it for ever and ever” and “all authority in heaven and earth has been given unto me.. go ye therefore teaching all nations to OBEY…”

100% of every verse in the Bible is political and about the ultimate victory for His church, the true Israel Christendom who will “come out from among them and be ye separate“.


Please enjoy this Bible study, verse by verse as covering the “Sin Relationship”, Biblical Definition of Sin: “Transgression of the law” losing rewards RM 8-3-91

“when my people TURN from their wicked ways”…
Sin Relationship, Biblical Definition o…  True love doesn’t desire to transgress the law
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This Lesson by Pastor Crouch (Hon Prof Priory of Salem, OCC) is a very important teaching about what sin is, so we can be not condemning ourselves when we’re fine, and so we’re also just repenting / and stopping practicing it in areas where maybe we found we still were (by renewing our minds in Rom 7:14 “the law is spiritual, but our flesh is carnal sold under sin (not sold under law but sold under transgressions, as only staying under the practices of transgressions is bondage, in every place in the Bible)..”.) Many would like to just have a right to break the specific GOOD and always liberating laws of God, as it says in Rom 5:13 “where there is no law there is no sin”. However the 10 commandments still exist “do not adulterate, don’t murder, don’t steal, etc..” so there is still sin in existence! There are the “BIG 10 COMMANDMENTS” and the smaller laws as well Christ had said many times. As it says in 1John 3:4 “sin is transgression of the law” and Christ said in Mat 5:19″Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”We pray there is more and more repentance from the Bible’s definition of sin, “transgression of the law” and that people learn to walk more empowered by the grace as Rom 1:15 says “grace is for obedience” or grace is Divine enablement empowering us to obey” and the Holy Spirit (God) works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure. Many more great verses in the message that are all uplifting and inspiring as always taught by Pastor Crouch.Helpful for any Grace only or faith only preachers to find the balance. “Practicing sin” is the part they need to teach against. Much more is brought out in the Greek and Hebrew in this study into deeper meanings. A Lesson by Hon Prof Pastor Leroy Crouch of Restoration Ministries, hosted by Priory of Salem, OCC. More info at Orthodox Church of the Culdees(Celtic), Home of the Priory of Salem, TCAWW, and Watchman News – Orthodox Celtic Christianity, Books, Articles, News, Events and other resources.
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Praise God for giving us His word so we may learn what God says is righteousness and what God says is sin. Lets stay on His path of life.

Yours Truly in Christ

Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick
Dean, Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies
Primace, Orthodox Church of the Culdees

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Rough transcript of the message:

first John first John I don’t know what happened to the rest of our people we’ll have to pray for them this week we miss them first John chapter behold what manner of love the father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of Elohim therefore the world knoweth us not because it knew him not how many know that the world doesn’t understand you you’re weird or strange or some of you said well I was weird before I ever became a Christian but the world doesn’t know you it doesn’t understand you it doesn’t grasp what you’re what you’re doing verse beloved now are we the sons of Elohim actually in the original it’s where the children were not sons yet we’re not cool growing we’re not walking in his power beloved now are we the children of Elohim and that’s what a comment dear children of yellow heme sons of Elohim Elohim means power Elohim means create e power in the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth isn’t that right who created Elohim now we’re the sons of Elohim we are connected to he who creates and he changed things in your life I love it now our wee sons and it does not yet appear what we shall be how many know some of you can’t figure out what in the world you’re gonna be what you’re gonna be like how many have you ever tried to picture what’s gonna be like when you get there and you’re gonna have your glorified body I wonder how much of it is in reality what you think it is how many things do you think you’re gonna be taking with you let’s say he came tonight tomorrow what would be different in your life some of you have no concept of what it would be like if you were in your glorified body but we know that when he shall appear we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is and every man that hath this hope in him purifies himself even as he is pure whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law where sin is the transgression of the law and you know that he was manifested to take away our sins and in him is no sin whosoever abideth in him sinneth Nutt whosoever sinneth hath not seen him neither knowing him little children let no man deceive you he that doeth righteousness is righteous even as he is righteous he that committeth sin is of the devil for the devil sinneth from the beginning and for this purpose the son of Elohim was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil whosoever is born of elohim does not commit sin for his seed remaineth in him and he cannot sin because he is born of elohim in this the children of elohim are manifest and the children of the devil whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of elohim neither he that loveth not his brother for this is the message that you heard from the beginning that we should love one another not as Cain who was of that wicked one slew his brother and wherefore slew he him because his own works were evil and his brothers righteous Marvel not my brethren if the world hates you we know that we have passed from death unto life because we love the Brethren need that loveth not his brother abideth in death whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer and you know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him hereby perceive we the love of Elohim because he laid down his life for us and we ought to lay down our lives for the Brethren my main text this is all one thought in this area of this word but verse four is the text today and I want you to see it whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law where sin is the transgression of the law the last phrase is my text today sin is the transgression of the law in the church world today we’ve got so many theories on what happens to a Christian after he gets saved in relationship to law and sin there is so much confusion that many young Christians either backslide go insane or just forget about the church and some people struggle within the church and are in utter confusion we want to lay a scriptural foundation for sharing with you today a key to victory that will help you understand what salvation is what the law is and what sin is number one how many of you have said I wonder if I have sinned you ever wondered that you know I have this weird feeling I get these guilt feelings at times and I say you know I just feel like I’m such a sinner and then I’ll say well what is it I’ve done I don’t know in counseling somebody will come to me they’ll say I’m so wicked and I say well what you do is I don’t know I said what you don’t know what it is you’re done you’re telling me that you’re wicked what where is this consciousness that there’s something wrong well what did you do wrong I don’t know I must have done something because I feel so bad and I know some of you probably think well that’s weird because I know when I do bad but some people they actually go through life wearing this guilt complex that I know I’ve done something wrong because I feel so bad so negative and I don’t know what it is that I’ve done number one verse four says sin is the transgression of the law so we have a relationship and it’s important to understand the word relationship nothing exists on this planet that does not relate to something and it’s the ability to not relate that causes confusion relationship what is sin it has a relationship to law and here of course it says sin is the transgression or a violation of laws to go against law now we all understand the the positive definition of law you ask a policeman what’s in what’s wrong you will tell you why you broke law now you all understand it when it comes to speeding right you’re going through a mile an hour zone speed zone and you’re doing and then you see the red light you say uh-oh I’ve been caught and you pull over and it gives you ticket and you go to court and all the the whole process of what you’re doing is you have transgressed the law of that County you’re going to court because it says according to its law thou shalt not drive over miles an hour in this area and you did therefore sin is a violation of law now the Bible said if there is no law there is no sin so when you have the words no law it also says there is no so if there was no speed limit posted anywhere how fast could you drive fast as you want that’s right there are areas where there are no speed limits there is no law and if there is no law you couldn’t be doing anything wrong which means what I could be in one area and it’s wrong I could be in another area and it’s not wrong then you see that in other words if there’s a place where there is no law there can be no sin now it’s said here that sin is transgression of the law and you see that now let’s just take a weird look into the book of Romans I think okay here it is Romans four verse Romans because the law worketh wrath for where no law is there is no transgression can you see that where there is no law there is no transgression now it appears so far that we have a double answer in the word from a different position concerning the same thing can you see that what appears to be apparent that if there’s no law there can be no sin now what happens is that Christians come along and say okay I’m saved now how do I relate that to what the above says well the way I relate it is I’m not under law therefore there is no law therefore I cannot sin you ever heard Christians talk like that there are preachers who preach that there is no law we’re not under law you say somebody says to me why do you worship on the seventh you have gone back under law we’re free from law we don’t have to worship on the seventh now does any member what the fourth commandment is how many know that the commandments are part of the law system in there right Commandments law what’s the fourth commandment remember the Sabbath day keep it holy it’s part of the commandments part of the law now since there is no law I don’t have to keep the Sabbath right that’s their big thing that’s that’s the argument okay now let me ask you a question what’s the seventh commandment anyway no it’s amazing when Christians wouldn’t save a long time don’t even know the Ten Commandments okay what is the seventh commandment if you don’t know turn to Exodus real fast what is the seventh commandment oh it because it’s the most popular in America everybody does it that’s also poppers are about know thou shalt not commit adultery now the fourth is the Sabbath commandment and the seventh is the adultery commandment now let me ask a question if the fourth commandment is gone is the seventh gun if that argument is true yes can you see that now what does that mean that if the seventh commandment is destroyed what then then you have people using as an excuse I’m not under the law therefore I’m allowed to adulterate can you see that now how we know that isn’t true right how many of you would like to contest any preacher and say do you commit adultery how many preachers would say oh no I don’t well why don’t you well because it’s a sin well if it’s a sin then you’ve transgressed the law because sin is transgression of the law right now what a preachers preach against all the time sin everyone talks about sin but we’re not under the law now if we can’t if why preach sin if we’re not under the law because that there is no law there is no sin is that what it said yes or no but we got a serious problem folks there is confusion in the church we can change Commandments at will when it’s uncomfortable for this one I block it out by using this argument but if I don’t want this argument I’ll use this commandment and do the reverse what has happened is that I have missed the relationship between law and grace and under Smith’s understood what it is all about now I want to share with you some very exciting concepts that will that will pull us out of the sand trap to understand what is law now first of all we actually have a violation of this principle in Scripture if we look at it in the original let’s hang in there two Romans let’s go back to first John three four first John three four [Music] I’m going to read it to you in the original I want you to grasp first John three in the original everyone who is practicing sin and there’s a word there for sin the Greek word for sin there’s hamartia that’s the word for sin and the word for law is nobles in greek okay this is sin law is no boast and I want to understand this this is a very unique verse it said whosoever is practicing hamartia and I’ll explain that in just a moment whoever is practicing hamartia if you are doing this it says then you are doing something else and the word is against law and in Greek you have a very you a unique way of doing things there is a word that we call theism how many know that in order to violate theism all we have to do is add an eight before it and it becomes atheism can you see that what is an atheist by adding the a this is great this is not English in other words we still use Greek language today in many English instances and are not even aware that we’re speaking Greek but we are there is theism as a Greek word from FeO see in Greek and this word theism deity or belief in deity is reversed by the word a because this a before it negates cancels out this other word so that a theist is one who believes in a higher power and a theist believes in no power all you do is you take the word a another word we have in Greek is pistis which is the word for faith but there’s the word for unbelief and every word translated in your Bible for unbelief is the same word pistis with an A in front of it ah peace peace so ah pcs is the exact opposite of Beasties or in negation of peace peace meaning that unbelief is the reverse of unbelief I mean faith is the reverse of unbelief and unbelief is the reverse of faith can you see that now there’s one other word I want you to see the other word is know most which is law and then we add the word aid to it on Nomos which means no law now it said whoever is practicing hamartia is practicing on na mus not anonymous we’re not anonymous anonymous no law in other words it isn’t that there is no law but that you are going against law okay how many of you know that an atheist is not one who within his own mind may say there is none but you who know there is one know that he’s going against isn’t that right he’s going against okay so sin is and it says very clearly in the original that hamartia is on moss and I want to put that up here because the last half of the verse says hamartia is on moss I I’m doing this for a reason I’m not trying to give you a Greek lesson it’s not my intent I’m trying to explain to you a scripture that will help you live a victorious life once we get it established what we’re doing here today first John verse everyone now how many ever heard this word everyone who sins how many of how many Christians do you know that still sin once in a while is it possible that a Christian will never sin again what he dies when you get there right when you get there now let’s understand is it possible for a Christian now watch how I word this be very careful I’m trying to trap you how many of you believe that it is possible to never sin again some of you going this way and some of you are going this way which means we got confusion in our own net strength it’s okay it’s okay let me ask you another question how many of you believe that when you accept him and you’re born again you’re sinless you’ll never sin again how many of you have ever sinned since you’ve become saved now some of you afraid to raise your hand let me ask the question a little differently how many of you have never sinned since you’ve accepted Christ can I see your hand huh you have a question or you’re raising your hand that you’ve never sinned don’t it’s the same thing yes the same thing yes yes how many here that have never sinned since since they’ve accepted Christ is it will everybody admit to me that you’ve blown it at some point okay so let’s explain this word sin we need to understand the word sin don’t you think so because many times in the Bible when it talks about sin it’s not even talking about necessarily something you’re doing it can be talking about something you’re feeling did you ever hold the grudge do you ever hate somebody inside read them off never open your mouth wants to say where to them you say well I never told them off nobody inside yours you’re doing a good job okay if you open you know the words you know the words you didn’t sin as long as you didn’t open your mouth and you wouldn’t sinned if you to open your mouth but the feelings are still the same well the feelings aren’t sin there’s a teaching today in some of our churches that sin is only when you let it out that’s not Bible you know how many know that the ancient Pharisee said I have never committed adultery think about it yeah now remember in order to be a Pharisee several things had to take place number one you couldn’t be a Pharisee unless you had a wife there’s no bachelors in Pharisee ville all Pharisees by Talmudic law had to be married and had to have no less than three children because they didn’t figure you were wise enough to handle any problems till you learned how to raise three children with a life now that’s not bad wisdom how many know there’s nothing worse than that somebody’s never had a kid what to do with one huh you know what the average bachelor bachelorette will say about your brat yeah welcome how many know that if you’re married and you got kids smacking them don’t always work isn’t that right I mean you know what they tell you and what works are two different things and sometimes you got to go through the idea of raising kids and but the Pharisees had this unusual belief that said is as long as I I can think it but as long as I don’t do it I didn’t sin so they used to say well I never broke the law I made sure I never murdered the boy I could lie about you and I could tear your reputation down and I could destroy you and I could hire somebody to kill you I could hire a Gentile and have them kill you and I’m free I didn’t kill I never murdered see and I I could duck look at you and in lust after you but as long as I didn’t actually commit the act I have not sinned and the Savior come along and he said it was set of all thou shalt not commit adultery but I say unto you whosoever shall look upon another woman with intent to commit adultery that’s what it is in the original with lust in his heart with intent to commit adultery has all ready done it what’s he saying that sin is not just an action it is the thing that makes you do the action and the idea is you and I need to be free from the pain that makes us sin and if I understand salvation correctly salvation is to save us from our sins right it’s supposed to save us from our sin that’s what salvation is so now we have to bring another relationship in here what is salvation now we do not understand salvation and that’s we understand how salvation relates to sin and relates to law and if you’re confused about law and you’re confused about sin you’re never going to understand salvation does that make sense now let me explain to you before I go any further what this word hamartia is in greek and what it means three hundred years before the Savior came on the scene it was a military word hamartia is what you did as a soldier in practice as you were practicing killing the enemy and in those days there the number one favorite war was archery shooting the bow and arrow and they did just what we do today and but when Errol said we do it for fun they did it for war they had that big pile of hay out there and they put that big heart or they put somebody’s head on it and they would go back so many feet and they would take that bow and arrow and they’d aim and and when they hit that Center that aim their aim was designed to hit a certain mark and when they hit the mark they had accomplished the intent of their war they were successful but if that soldier aimed with all practical intent and he couldn’t get his era to hit what he aimed act he had huh Marty he had missed the mark okay that’s all the word means miss Lamarque he had a name but it never got there how many of you have aim for something in your life and you never got there you tried it it didn’t work on our teeth now we’re not just talking do’s and don’ts we’re talking about effort aren’t we are you with me – what this was this is in the days of Alexander the Great it was a common thing among Alexander the Great’s are because they all spoke Greek and the all the army always understood hamartia well how did you do today in in practical warfare well I Hamar teed and I didn’t hit the mark well I sure hate to put you out on the field today cuz we need to get some enemies killed instead of us getting killed how many no wars the serious saying you want to hit the mark you want to get rid of the enemy you don’t want the enemy to get you so now we’re relating to something very special it isn’t just hitting marks it’s hitting the enemy I need to hit the enemy and if I missed the enemy i party getting a pitcher been years before Christ the word was brought into a philosophical concept Socrates Plato all the Greek that poets and fellows of that day the philosophers the theologians of that day they say they would try to explain the world in all of its meanings and relate it to why things are happening the way they are in life trying to write their own Bible finally somebody would say you don’t make sense and they’d simply refer back well you partied you’ve missed what I was saying how many of you have said in the course of a conversation with somebody and they misunderstood you and you said you misunderstood that’s not what I said it all at that moment you’ve actually experienced hamartia and you can say philosophically you could say mentally you could say emotionally you don’t understand why the husband’s in wife’s fight hum or TIA they just miss each other a woman looks at it from one point of view a male looks at it from another point of view and then we try to talk to each other with our points of view and we assassin lady each other because you’re not allowed to have any view different from my view SSS and that’s all Marty I then in the days of the Savior he came along and he takes this word that was applied to warfare and enemies a word it was applied by philosophers on the daily work Street and now he applies it in a spiritual dimension and he says let me tell you what sin is let me tell you what hamartia is you’ve missed it this is the word used in Romans for all have sinned and come short of the glory of elohim all of sin all have sinned all have huh Marty all have missed it no one can finish their aim no one can get rid of their enemies they keep them but he said I have come to destroy in I’ve come to eliminate that aspect got the picture so far I must learn what it means to miss now let me read that unusual verse again that we just read before and although I presented before I feel like I need in context to put it back into context again this time first John chapter let’s go down to verse the pick up verse because this destroys Christians in their daily walk he that committeth sin is of the devil now right away two things I say I just asked a question how many of you have sinned since she became saved by the way let me ask a better question how many of you have sinned this week let’s bring it into presidency how many of you have blown it a year ago how many did how many you’ve blown it this week and you know the problem is that when we think sin we think commandments right there’s a lot of things we do that don’t violate the Ten Commandments that our sin Bible said whatsoever is not of faith is sin that mean just by not walking in faith you’ve sinned you have any unbelief any doubt any negativity any frustration any anxiety any worry you did it you sin now look at this look at verse eight let’s see how much guilt condemnation we can lay on you now I want to show you how to deal with guilt okay he that committeth sin he that committeth sin when you commit sin or you love the devil you mean to tell me that you’re saved one minute blow out one minute and all of a sudden you’re of the devil again that’s PC I want us to grab the reality of what the scriptures are really saying here see a lot of times we read a translation of a verse and we read into it what it doesn’t even say in the original the original text says he that practices sin or he who has made it a lifestyle who habitually practices this behavior pattern that’s the original not to those of you that would blow it once in a while but to those of you that have got a habit don’t now we have two kinds of Christians we have Christians who once in a while whoa it how many know Christians can blow it now I try to keep from blowing it at least I I tried to keep under seven times a day okay it’s not easy but I really try not to blow it at least seven times a day and again I’m not talking to any man but you know right away somebody wants to lay a trip on me and say oh you’re talking about cussing you’re talking about adultery you’re talking about stealing your Merton I’ll talk about you that stuff most of you don’t even have to you’re so emotionally distraught with your trials and temptations the ten commandments is probably the last thing you’d even worry about breaking you’re into them heavier sins like worry sarcasm defeatism frustration right those heavy sins okay now once in a while we Christians blow it but that doesn’t make me of the devil that simply means I have fallen in weakness and I need to learn why I did it get back up and go on and not judge my brother when he falls Galatians and says when you see your bra her fall Akemi I know what it says no one says Galatians when you see your brother fall how many of you ever seen your brother fall and when I say brothers that doesn’t mean women don’t do it too it isn’t just brothers who fall it’s women that you know women and men they go to you okay in the original you know brothers are women and men okay technically all right let’s understand biblical language when you see anyone that’s related to the body of Christ when you see them fall there’s something you’re supposed to do and we all usually do the opposite we go tell everybody else what we saw them do number one the Bible says love covers a multitude of sins I was supposed to cover sin that expose it well wait a minute the preacher said we’re gonna expose sin and I’m doing the job I’m exposing you now I’m telling everybody what a big mouth you got I’m telling everybody how unworthy you are of the name I’m telling everybody how weak you are uh-huh got some problems don’t we that’s not what it says folks when you see your brother fall restore restore in a spirit of meekness which means be be loved that person not over them considering yourself lest you also become tempted meaning you’re subject to the same fall Turkey see we got to understand biblical Christianity in context of sin law grace and salvation how many know there’s a lot of misunderstanding these areas when we get through with this study you are going to understand all four words and that basis of salvation will make you a strong Christian not only until in intellectually but morally in your daily walk in ministry and counseling with other people there are some Christians who do blow it they backslide to go back into a habitual sin if they used to have why they do it who knows but they do it nevertheless he that practices sin is of the devil for the devil sinneth from the beginning but for this purpose the son of Elohim was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil whosoever now here’s the Troublesome verse verse whosoever is born of elohim does not commit sin now you’ve been born again oh yeah good you don’t Sandia you know many Christians live counsel over the years that says I read that verse and I’m born again and I sin I need to get born again because evidently I either lost my salvation or I’m not born again at all you know how many Christians I’ve counseled over the years that have said to me I was never saved because I keep sinning now let that sink in how many of you have doubted your salvation because of your own weakness I have my one verse two years of my Christianity I was a mess because I just had a concept you know as Christians you don’t do these things and I’m doing them I’m worried I’m in anxiety I’m frustrated I’m failing I’m fearing what is wrong I’m not supposed to they say Christians aren’t allowed to do these things and I’m doing them and I don’t know how to stop doing them and so times the day I was getting saved times a day I was repenting times a day I was asking to come into my life and when I went to the counselors about if they’d say you’re a mess we can’t help you great counselors really encouraged whosoever is born of elohim does not commit sin in the original it does not say that at all folks it said he who continues to live in sin is not born again for he who is born does not practice it or stay in it in other words if a man is an alcoholic and he comes to the front and he accepts the Savior and he goes back out stays drunk did he get saved no I don’t care how much weeping and crying went on up here I don’t care how much he raised his hand and said the sinner’s prayer the Bible says that you do not win you are born again go back out to live the same life and somewhere it’s got to take folks let me explain salvation on a way that I heard it when I first got saved that did that has helped me tremendously in this area has anybody ever heard of anybody drowning or in the process of drowning yeah right you go to sea go down to the beach now you’re a lifeguard what you’re going to do is you’re going to your job is to save people from drowning you’re going to go out and rescue them when they’re drowning in the water so you go out there they’re drowning you see this head going up and down and bobbing and spluttering in the hand is trying and somebody’s screaming and the crowds on the shore saying he’s dying he’s dying he’s going under and so you’re the lucky person you’re elected you swim out you grab him by the neck you turn him upside down and you haul him in you say okay he’s saved bring him to shore you’re lame on the ground yeah beat on his chest yeah make sure it isn’t a female lifeguard with a male they drowned or a female that’s drowning and it’s a male lifeguard make sure of your recitation that you’re not trying to have a romantic situation develop here when you are trying to put air back into this individual or you’re taking the water out of the individual whatever the case might be the person sputters he sits up and he thanks you for saving him now at that moment is that person saved yes he’s not drowning anymore right he’s not going under because there’s nothing to go under he’s on solid ground he’s on sand and this point but in scriptural connotation he’s on the rock he can’t go under because he’s no longer in the water he’s either out of the water or he’s in it if he’s any of these drownings if he’s not in it he saved when father comes to save you from sin he pulls you out of the sea of sin and you become rescued you become saved and to say I’m saved and I’m still drowning is a mockery of salvation there’s too much lightness in the church today then we can tell a pig to repent and and if he raises his hand anoints he’s saved let me tear something folks the Bible tells us we need to repent we can tell by the fruit of an individual what has been done I never say to an individual who comes up the first time well are you saved I want to see that he doesn’t go up there and keep spitting up water I want to see a walk if he gets saved he’s going to walk out of here and not go back and do the same things again right or wrong whether he gets saved or not is an evaluation of his walk and that’s what it’s talking about here a walk not talking about an occasional fall it’s talking about a practice and how many Christians have been defeated because maybe they completely broke with her passing for two years live victoriously and one night they got discouraged went out and blew it I mean really did a good one did they lose their salvation of course not but the church worker would say oh you you lost it that’s not what it says folks now number two mistake that the translators did here is they translated a word that should never been translated where they translated it verse nine whose soever it’s not whosoever in the original it’s not whosoever is born it’s what so ever is born in the original what does that mean I mean oh this is different in what and who III would be very offended somebody walked up to me and says what are you what who are you no I’d rather prefer they asked me who are you you know who implies I’m a person what implies you’re a thing okay now it doesn’t say here who is born because who is not born what is born how many know what’s born Bible tells you what’s born again it says your spirit he that is born of the Spirit right or wrong John that which is born of the Spirit is spirit that’s of that it’s an it in the Greek and it’s a it in the Greek here same text that which is born that’s the spirit now let’s read it in this context whatsoever or let’s fill in the words what the spirit that is born of Elohim does not commit sin the part of you that does not commit sin is the spiritual part of you your spirit does not sin why for his seed remaineth in him it’s the seed that does it how many know that when you’re born you’re born of the seed and he cannot sin because he is born first of all we want to undo the concept that a Christian can never sin Christians can sin but now how do you deal with sin you’re not to sin let’s let’s look at the whole analysis here you’re not to sin well let’s define what sin is what is sin sin has no relationship unless there’s relationship to a law did we establish that okay now there is an unusual thing here about the sin however because the word sin here is a unique word and the word for law here is a unique word let’s now go back to verse and analyze it in context whosoever practices sin is practicing that now in the original does not say what King James says King James says whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law that part isn’t even in the original text you can get an interlinear and see that for yourself I have it up here if anybody wants to see it later everyone practicing sin or missing it is practicing lawlessness or on a moss is the word here no law when you sin it’s because you have God against a law why do we sin because we violate law and you see that you violated law if there’s no law you have not sinned you know what it said in Romans if there is no law there is no sin now the question is has father removed his law what is sin violation of the law has he removed that law Matthew please Matthew let’s see what you schewe himself time yes we can stop turn the tick Matthew verse neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel but on a candlestick and it giveth light unto all that are in the house let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven look at verse and read it with me please think not that I am come to destroy the law you know I only heard two voices Matthew read it with me loudly think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets I am not come to destroy but to fulfil hallelujah what does he do with law he said I didn’t come to destroy the law the word that he used there in the original means to undo it to void it out to cancel it out he said I didn’t come to cancel it I don’t care what denomination you’re of that’s what the original says you can’t make it say anything else that’s the word in the original he said I did not come to cancel the law and I did not come to cancel the prophets I did not come to cancel anything I came to fulfil it the interesting thing the word to fulfill here is a word that’s used all through the Pauline epistles because it’s the word to be full we’re the fullness of his body same word he said I have come to fulfill it I’ve come to fill it to complete it to glorify it to show you it’s true meaning well didn’t he die for my sins yeah took the law out of its place yeah let’s read verse for verily I say unto you until heaven and earth pass one jot or one tittle that’s the cross into the eye and the dotting of the tea– when you write in English shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled whosoever therefore shall break one of these least Commandments and shall what teach men so he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven but whosoever shall do and teach them the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven for I say unto you that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees you shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven I wish every Grace preacher would read Matthew to and we need to understand the context what he’s saying are we saved by law absolutely not you can’t be and I went buddy misunderstand me you cannot be saved by law but that doesn’t mean you end eliminate law because law simply tells you you have sinned let’s go to Romans let’s see how Paul answers the question there Romans Romans verse no you not brethren for I speak to them that know the law how that the law hath dominion over a man as long as he liveth well the woman which hath a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he liveth but if the husband be dead she is loosed from the law of her husband so then if while her husband liveth she be married to another man she shall be called an adulteress but if her husband be dead she is free from that law so that she is no adulteress though she be married to another man wherefore my brethren you also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ in other words as a man who dies and the wife is now free to marry the Bible said soul has the law died to you and you say now that just contradicted what you just said good I want you thoroughly confused because unless you can see it’s a biblical problem you’ll never look for the biblical solution the Bible teaches both sides to bring you to a point of harmony I want to show you that when I get to the Hebrew meanings of these words you will understand it perfectly you have to become dead to the law in order to be saved but that does not violate the law itself let us show you why verse Romans verse when we were in the flesh the motions of sin which were by the law did work in our members to bring forth fruit unto death but now we’re delivered from the law that being dead wherein we were held that we should serve in newness of spirit and not in the old miss of the letter what shall we say then is the law sin elohim forbid nay i had not known sin but by the law for I had not known lust except the law had said thou shalt not covet or lust but sin taking occasion by the commandment what in me all manner of concupiscence or lust or desire for without the loss in was dead in other words let’s just take a typical Friday or Saturday night adventure in the world everybody gets off work Friday night what do they want to do they want to go party there’s net right and they have no religious convictions whatsoever they go out and they enjoy their thing they’re not under any law whatsoever and then one day they hear the law and they come under conviction and they got this conviction but they haven’t accepted the Savior now it comes Friday night again and they want to go do the thing they’ve always done with their freedom with no guilt no condemnation and now they go and they’re sitting there and they they want to continue in it but this guilt sitting on top of their head that says you need to get saved you need to repent now how many know that is a process in transition that every sinner goes through on his way to Calvary isn’t that right and that’s kind of what he’s trying to say here when the law came back he says man it just it just made everything come on how many know when somebody says don’t do it that’s when you wondered tell a child not to do it what’s the first thing he’s gonna do go do it tell somebody who’s getting mad not to get mad what happens to get madder go down to the beach in the summer until the boys don’t watch the girls the more you tell them not to the more they’re going to standing on the corner what you know the girls go but they’d make a song out of it okay that’s what he’s saying here but sin taking occasion by the commandment wrought in me all manner of desire for without the law sin was dead but I was alive without the law wants when the commandment came sin revived I died in the commandment which was ordained to life I found to be unto death for sin taking occasion by the commandment deceived me and by it slew me wherefore the law is what holy he didn’t say you can’t how many no you can’t do away with that which is holy and the commandment is holy just and good was then that which is good made death unto me cattle him forbid but seem that it might pierce in working death in me by that which is good that sin by the commandment might become exceeding sinful for we know that the law is what spiritual huh the law is spiritual but I am carnal sold under sin now notice there’s a very important word under and dead from and free from when it comes to somebody just telling you to not do it when you want to do it the law that says not to do it doesn’t give you the ability to not do it if a doctor says breathe and you can’t breathe breathe deep just because some doctors have breathe see the commandment in itself doesn’t change anything can you see that doesn’t change anything you know what I need is the power to breathe there’s nothing wrong with the commandment that says thou shalt not kill in fact I hope they don’t cuz I want to live for a while he didn’t do away with the losses all right there’s no more law that says thou shalt not kill guess what the Mafia would enjoy that well good let’s now we got her ACTA Coquille so he’s not doing away with the law what he’s talking about is the law for the murderers to say I am now blood self telling you to not kill is not strong enough I’ve got to do something more drastic I’ve got to get on the inside of you and change your heart so that you don’t want to kill so that you don’t want to kill so when he’s talking about dead to the law he doesn’t mean that he’s removed the law it simply meant that when I’m under a law dispense ation I mean think about this a teenager gets his first driver’s license gets his first car what’s the first thing this teenager wants to do oh yes speed he wants to show up yeah you’ve got it right see this man knows yes speed honey yeah we’re gonna show I’ll never forget when I was in high school I do remember but good boy yeah I can still remember yeah and I remember one kid he’s years old and of course that doesn’t I know what it is now but in that day it was was it no you could get your love still no casing man whatever anyway he got himself a hot rod and course we lived in a in a farming community a half city and a half farm hills and so forth and they didn’t have anything posted out there they just policed him a couple policemen in the whole city and they just you know local and so this kid he’d get his car man he’d go out there among them hills and he just you know he’d Brody he’d just do everything he’d really have you know and all the kids in school they just loved to go and experience his new car and it was a it was one of the greatest thrills there was see because that’s just what he wanted to do the last thing he ever wanted to have anybody having to do is is to is to find a cop on his tail because that would that would hinder him what he’d like to do see he did how many know that when a cop is right behind you and you’re in a hurry it’s the most frustrating irritating thing in your life isn’t it right right and the freeway for the first time is free right and there’s not a cop in sight and there’s no traffic in sight and you are minutes late to a heavy duty appointment and you say I’ll just go ten miles over and all of a sudden on this off-ramp and our on-ramp in front of you comes this fuzz and he’s just driving ten miles slower than the speed limit and you know what you do you’re in a hurry and you’re crazy his name hallelujah hallelujah hallelu why had that stupid cop get in my come get it why don’t you go chase a car come on you know and you don’t want to pass him up and you don’t want to do this and your gun your have your things are going all through your emotions here huh spirit-filled Christian that you are you’re losing your grace see what has happening to you while you’re wanting to speak there’s something in you that wants to speak now you know what this cup cannot have the almighty understanding that says I know there’s a car behind me and I know the woman in it is being frustrated and so what I’m going to do is I’m going to impart my spirit of law into her spirit so that she will feel good about driving slow behind me huh there right so the police officer says because I’m deity I’m just going to impart my spirit of law unto her and all of a sudden this frustrated Christian driving has a piece come over her and now she feels what this police officers feeling and she’s obediently driving her car down the freeway slowly being late to her appointment graciously huh isn’t that right no it’s not what law and grace is see now how many know that a police officer cannot impart into you his spirit of how he does things no don’t talk to me about the bad police officers you know I’m talking about the good ones there’s a couple up there one or two there’s a couple yes I’m glad you’re l-listen here today in that sense of the word I’d be in deep weeds right about now okay but father has the ability he said I’ll write my law upon their hearts I’m gonna make them love now I have never found a woman saved woman that is a delivered woman that enjoys having a man watch her physical nature walking down the street what’s the matter with that guy what can he just keep it how many of you women really enjoy having a guy just I until their eyeballs are stuck on right you enjoyed that really I mean you know some of you just as preferred that it wasn’t happening right you’d like to be able to take a hold of their heart and write some things on it right you’d like to get some purity in there the lights that have trouble with their men as they drive down the road and the wife is trying to talk to them and they’re noticing these other girls and things are happening there’s something that develops within the female nature that gets angry I don’t know why but anyway they get upset and things are going on here the whole purpose that is going on is the understanding that these people are not responding the way I think they should something’s missing right in here the heart that’s what the Savior is trying to say the law just by saying it doesn’t give you the power to do it what you need is a power that will come in and make you do it willingly gladly with no struggle with no event so then a set of you keeping the law you simply perform the law can you see that the law is for the spirit but I’m flash flash cannot keep law and if you think I’m perverting it then let’s go down to Romans verse for the law you’ll never get away from law folks there’s a law in everything well the law of the spirit of life that’s in Yeshua that set me free from the law of sin in death now look at verse for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh elohim sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin condemned sin in the flesh that the righteousness of the law might be what fulfilled how what’s the next two words in US What did he say I came to do with the law I came to fulfil it what is he going to do in you full fill it in you same thing the same thing he came to do with the law is what he’s now going to do in you and that’s what salvation is salvation is he imparting unto you his divine ability to walk in the spirit remember what the Bible said that when you love you have fulfilled the law see people don’t know how to love that’s why they violate law transgressors of the law are people that hate how many of you know that if somebody loves you they’re not gonna come in and steal from you if a man loves a woman he will never rape her right or wrong so what we need and I’m glad for law cuz law says you have a right to not be murdered you have a right to not be raped and we don’t want to remove those laws do we okay we want to keep them but what we want is for people who break law to learn how to live with me without violating my rights for protection under that law can you see that I don’t want to go home and find out my home has been ransacked and I lost everything I’ve worked for or that somebody got mad at me and decided to burn it all up that is no law and people who violate law destroy and that’s what that word means hamartia is the manifestation of an attitude that says no law I don’t want well I don’t want anything to cover me that’s why people sin and what is salvation he shall save his people from their sins how you going to save somebody from a sin when sin is merely the transgression of the law can you see that you need to memorize Romans for that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit now let me close with my preface [Music] David said how I love thy law we’re gonna miss something and I’m not going to be able to finish this message today I just want however to bring a new thought into it to give you a higher understanding of this word law and sin and failure I hum RT I miss it there’s something in me that’s missing no matter how often I try to objecting it’s always sort changing I can never seem to love you enough I can never seem to to do his law can I hope there’s something in me that just keeps missing it why in the Old Testament in strong it’s number it’s called the law in Hebrew is called Torah Torah T both are a H T all are a H Torah now unfortunately the New Testament when we use this word law took this word from Torah which is a Hebrew word for law if you go to a Jewish Bible the first five books in the Bible are called the Torah that means verse of Genesis in the beginning that’s Torah now when we talk law what is the average Christian think of commandments exodus that’s not what law is all about now this word law is much deeper and the word Animus is a special word that means against all principles of righteousness and so what I want to do is take you to a Lucy the problem that we have a misunderstanding is because we don’t have the depth of understanding what the word sin and law and Torah really mean in the original so that when the Savior came they understood what he was trying to say and we want to be able to grab that in our understanding let’s go to let me look up a couple of scriptures here first let’s go to Exodus chapter or Exodus I’ll close with this and we’ll open next week with it Exodus [Music] [Applause] now what does exodus mean does anybody know huh huh okay it’s two words X ha to us in Greek it means the way out the way out Genesis is the book of beginnings Exodus is the way out how do you get out of your sins how do you get out of your problems how do you get out of your trials and caught us the way out this is the way out Exodus chapter let’s read verse and Yahweh said unto Moshe come up to me into the mount and be there and I will give the tables of stone how many tables I didn’t see the word there did you I just see the word tables okay okay I will give the tables of stone what’s after the word stone no what’s before the word and a comma see some of you’ve got to learn how to nitpick the word folks that’s how you get taught yeah I will give the tables of stone comma and now I thought that the law was on the tables of stone I didn’t know that where tables of stone and besides that there was a law hello I will give the tables of stone comma and a law what’s after that nope comma does anybody know what akka how many of you went to English school what does the comma mean it means there’s a break you’re gonna add something more to the sentence isn’t that right and and Commandments wait a minute I got tables to stone I got a law and I got Commandments they’re not all the same thing then are they can you see that they’re not the same thing folks and I’ll give you many scriptures on this which I have written that thou mayest but teach them now underline the word teach and underline the word law first of all the word for law there is Torah now Torah is a verb or a noun rather it’s a noun that comes from a verb root its root is why a ra and if you’ll notice the last three letters are the same comes from a root you’re up which you have right up there on the overhead which is in Strong’s Concordance Yaya Toure from yah-yah-yah-yah means to teach now he said I’m going to give you Torah so that you can yaaaaah he’s making a play on words here I’m going to give you Torah now Torah does not mean law the word Torah literally means instruction I’m going to give you instructions how many of you when you’re in it would like to have some instructions on how to get out okay that’s Torah that’s Torah in the Psalms you’ll find this word over and over how I delight in thy Torah see we read the words how I delight in thy law and I’m reading it how I delight in my commandments and some of you are wrestling with that one and I’m using this illustration please don’t misunderstand me but a couple years ago remember when a famous evangelist fell from grace okay a couple of them and there’s well there’s more than that those are just the ones a recent newspaper by divine decree but the idea was is that they’re preaching do not while behind the scenes they’re doing it now something was going on inside of them that should not have been going on inside of them because they never asked for instruction now commandments have a way of driving you up the wall the more somebody tells you not to do something the more it becomes difficult to want to do it let me know that the more you tell a child the more he seems to repel the more that a wife tries to tell her husband what to do or a husband tells his wife what to do the more it ceases to be for some reason what we need is some not more law what we need is some more Torah see he says I’m going to give you tables of stone and I’m going to give you a Torah and then I’m going to give you some commandments which is meat spa in Hebrew special word and then he said and I’m going to give you some yata or some instruction teaching what’s he saying all these things go together you can’t separate them Torah is the sum total of everything that’s in the whole book this whole book is called Torah this is an instruction book this is not just a manual you don’t just read Exodus every day you read everything else as well you put it together it gives you instructions when he says don’t be anxious when he says don’t worry that’s Torah but then he has to tell you how not to worry well if he was going through what I’m going through what do you worry what you need is Torah so we don’t want to get rid of Torah or law do we because if we got rid of it whatever how many knows that in the natural we have law isn’t that right how many how many of you enjoy the law of gravity how many are glad right now while I’m preaching you’re not floating to the ceiling and and how many know that when they go into the Space Lab they they get to practice walking on the ceiling right may you see him on the news and they’re floating around in the air trying to hang on to anything you know they’re just floating through space can you imagine we like to preach to a congregation where everybody just floats over the wall hey would you come down there for a minute you know and you’re trying to you know there’s nothing holding you down there’s no more law C to remove laws to remove all restraint which means anything can happen anything how much would you like anything mom I got an imagination there’s some things I don’t want to think happening to me I want some law I want some order I want some instruction C let’s some let’s look at Psalms it’s an example some yeah this just everyone should memorize Psalm bless it bless it what’s bless me now from a couple messages ago tranquillize that’s right you got it down tranquillized right the Hebrew word Baruch blessed means one who was tranquilised one who’s been shot through with divine enthusiasm and he could gear less man he’s fathers and he’s going through he’s got resurrection anointing on him hallelujah resurrection anointing blessed contented tranquilized is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly nor standeth in the way of sinners nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful now notice there’s three things he’s doing he’s not walking he’s not standing and he’s not sitting that’s the three postures right three things that every sinner does in his daily walk in the kingdom of darkness but we’re not like that and you’re blessed by not acting like them verse but his delight is in the Torah of Yahweh and in his Torah doth he meditate day and night he delights now I want some of you women shopping some of you have a fascinating way of being delighted by having so much green in this hand and so much variety in that shop and I’ve watched the expression on your faces as you go forth to charge and you can take that work several ways but as you go charging in okay oh I mean you know it’s not just when a woman goes by herself it’s when a couple of women can go right because they love to show each other a new thing yes delight what are they doing delight you ever see two guys go down and look at two new hot rods together huh see or go down to the gun shop things that don’t interests women you know see women have women things and men have men things but when they get together there is a delight T in those things now when it comes to food each of you has your particular delight see some of you understand the watermelon delight yes some of you enjoy ice cream chili burger strange taste yes yes now you delight there’s a delight there now the Bible said that when you come to the Torah there is a delight the same feeling you get when you get something you like is the feeling you’re to have when you go to Torah what is salvation I will write my Torah upon their hearts it isn’t just a law but it’s the understanding in that law and it’s an instruction in what you shouldn’t do things Bible says that a wise parent will instruct his children on how not to do certain things it said that if a parent wisely instructs his young one in the Torah he will love his child but if he hates his child he will not instruct him he will not teach him he will not show him how so Torah has not just the giving of a law but the instructing on how to live by it how to be in victory through it and how to achieve success in life and you know what you’re not going to get it by reading you’re going to get it by instruction why in his Torah does he meditate you see there has to be a meditation and the Hebrew word to meditate is what a cow does once you choose the cut in the field and if any of you have ever seen a cap go to the county fee if you’ve never seen a cow for pete’s sake don’t go to the butcher shop to find out what a cow was it’s not just hamburger or steak go to the country find a genuine cow walk up to its face and watch it eat do you know what that cow is doing no other expression man that mouth goes all day no and you know what that cows doing meditating that’s what it’s doing that’s the Hebrew word there to meditate in his Torah do I chew the cud that’s what it means to meditate to chew the cud it means to move my upper mouth and my lower mouth together on another words I’m chewing it how many of you ever had some tough meat I mean my jaws get so sore just chewing that meat but guess what I was doing I was chewing I was muttering I was meditating that’s the word that’s used there literally and in his Torah do I chew do I meditate day and night you know why some of us never get victory because we’re not learning to chew the cud that’s the law of meditation that’s the Torah of meditation and that’s the word translated law sin is to violate Torah though it is not just Ten Commandments folks it’s to violate the very principles of the feints Father has given to you in Grace and then say I can do it what does Grace do and I said this was the last scripture this is the last scripture which is two scriptures later than the last scripture I said I would give you some of you will forgive me knowing my priestly sins Titus chapter verse well actually starting with verse Titus for the grace of elohim that bringeth salvation has appeared to all men teaching us His grace appears to teach us yaaaaah His grace appears were saved by what grace what is His grace through it teaches us what does his grace teach us to deny ungodliness to deny worldly lusts we should live soberly righteously and godly in this present world can you see the picture but isn’t that we’re doing away with law we’re to fulfill it by understanding its instructions there’s more two Commandments than Commandments it’s to understand the nature and how to do it and when you understand all of the aspects about it you’ve come to Torah it isn’t just buying a car there’s gonna be tights that cars gonna break down you better have the manual you want to have a mechanic you want to have somebody that can in translate the book when the car breaks down you don’t want to be broken down in the desert folks with a new car and nobody knows what to do that’s an example of a commandment without any Torah okay but to have the manual and to have the man with you that knows how to take the manual and make it work in the circumstance so that you don’t break down or huh Marty so that you don’t miss it so that you don’t fail so that you have the owner’s manual with you that guarantees you are gonna get where you want to go and where he wants you to go and that’s grace that’s Torah that’s law and anything that violates that is sin let us pray father in the name of Yeshua we thank you for this service we thank you for these words did you instruct us in your torah you instruct us in your ways and you teach us what we must know about you and about our living that we may be victorious in you in Yeshua’s name and all the people said amen we’re going to take up the offering if we could have the Deacons come at this time you [Music]