USA TODAY: COVID Vaccine Kills more than COVID Virus

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According to an honest admission by the USA Today News.

The large nation of Australia (who has a very large population of Asians from China) has confirmed this year there have been more deaths from the vaccine than from the virus.

Senator Rand Paul may have the more correct stance, as he opted to not take the vaccine. He cited he already recovered from the virus and so he would have more antibodies.

The vaccine producer Merck also cited that the human immune system will do much better at fighting the virus than any vaccine could provide.

The present vaccines only limit some symptoms and make each host into super spreaders without symptoms. It may have artificially reduced hospitalizations for this season. However for next season, (the first long term human trials will be done in 4 years) like the animal trials, puts 100% of the hosts into shock and auto immune disorders. That is, when there’s any normal seasonal common cold going around, next time, the hosts are put into shock and 100% of them died in the animal trials. The very first human (safety) trials will be completed in 4 years. When those are done we will assess whether somehow the new version of the same mRNA and coronavirus vaccines will fail to meet the safety standards to be officially certified as a vaccine.

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