Anti-Globalist Ron Paul Phenomena

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Regarding the Anti-Globalist Movement

Ron Paul was a great witness to the strength of the anti-globalism movement. By various early markers he would have arguably won the popular vote in two Presidential elections. As he did breaking many records in the lead up to two Presidential elections (although blacked out by the media). He maintained some of the most strict anti-Globalism stances throughout his 10 terms in the US Congress and various high ranking posts in the Government. Not only did he draft several pieces of legislation that would have immediately sent all US Soldiers home from the un-ending foreign wars, but his pledge as President was to advance that even more, ensuring all soldiers stayed home.

Political positions of Ron Paul put the anti-globalism tenants into action. Strongly promoting the National Sovereignty and US Constitution, he was a strong opponent of the Globalists. He would have taken down Globalism before it did the present globalist damage to the economies of the world who now depend on a robust global commerce. He demonstrated how the Federal Reserve credit system is causing disastrous inflation and advocated for a return to sound money as per the Austrian School. He introduced legislation to audit the Federal reserve as well as to abolish it and the Federal tax. This in itself would have removed the foreign overspending endeavors not only among the states of America (calling those all un-Constitutional) but effectively ended America’s advancing of Globalism. Within America he would have strengthened the American private institutions while shutting down and ending the unending interventionalist programs within America, and the resultant dependence on numerous Government departments. At the core of this credit fraud scheme of the central bank control was the advancement of foreign global interests over that of the local state interests.

Dr Paul, like Trump, exposed the rampant corruption in globalist schemes. Numerous foreign companies owned by families of those in Government have corrupt contracts with the Government. These would have all been put out of business if their policies were successful. For example, there is a push for a globalist new totalitarian green alternative energy replacement. So it would create dependence on these families, enriching those who own the new energy companies and systems, while their families make other forms of energy illegal and highly taxed.

As a Medical Doctor himself he is most critical of the globalist stances of forced medicine on people’s without due process or the fully informed consent of the people. The medical insurance boards are often governed by businessmen who have no knowledge of medicine. These companies are also international in nature (or globalist), tied within the inflation credit money system, selling their schemes like Obamacare worldwide. As a business, the care and choices of the individual are limited, while putting the interests of the insurance company (and their financial shareholders) first. Several US Presidential candidates had run on the promise to prop up the economy by a new sweeping medical reform. The economy is mentioned, rather than care itself. However, Ron Paul’s program proved to be the winner, reducing credit debt and inflation, and increasing personal liberties, the people are protected. However with the globalism of medicine through money and insurance companies, there is less liberty, and a one size fits all computerized industrial profiteering scheme. Paul maintains it’s un-Constitutional for Washington DC’s to force Federal medical or social mandates on the foreign states, and had a perfect record voting as against such bills in Congress.

He remains active furthering these strongly anti-Globalist ideals at the Campaign for Liberty and the Ron Paul Institute For Peace and Prosperity.

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