Persecution on Display as Finland Prosecutes Christian Churches for their established Faith

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“Meet the man who appears to be the first in the post-Soviet Union West to be brought up on criminal charges for publishing long-held Christian beliefs.” (the Federalist wrote)

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To me it is obvious that the “new” identities created in Finland in the last 5 years under the Obama-Biden pressure matrix seem to have gone horribly wrong. In 2004 when his book was printed students were 4-5 times more likely to be struck by lightening than to be a transgender. Also that year the booklet was printed same-sex marriage was illegal nearly everywhere, including in America. Most acts of homosexuality, including private sodomy in a person’s own bedroom was a felony in several states. This was only overturned in the Supreme Court in 2003. Also sodomy remained a felony crime in many scenarios (like while active in the military) for another 10 years thereafter. It would seem these radical actions by the state against such foundational church establishments has little to do with the new “protected” identities and more about radical atheists destroying Christianity and making a state based on an absolutist ideological belief system of atheism.

Here’s some more math from on countries like Finland who when the book was published had only about 0.0025% of their population who had any kind of “gender dysphoric” or identity doubting tendencies. The existence of which this government says they’re just trying to protect, while persecuting all others with a very real persecution of their religious beliefs
These should better reflect (as in the above source links) demonstrated from America’s CDC who had announced that 3% of all public indoctrinated school children now identify themselves as transgender. This group is commiting suicide at a rate of 1/3. This report was taken the wrong way and so countries around the world to increase the chemical castrations of the children even with or against parental consent. However that number of suicides was found to only increase even higher when they are chemically castrated by all accounts. Most had last words of regretting the irrepairable medical procedures they did to their bodies.
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Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick ThD, PhD
Primace, OCC
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