“Christian?” Sympathy for the invasion of Poland???

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So called Polish “Christians” are pleading for Sympathy for the invasion of Poland.

If they are refugees then legally they can only stop and apply for asylum legally in the first country they arrived in. (So Belarus only). The law works great. Sympathy for a conspiracy to in the future do crimes is not what God was talking about. More about sympathy to repent and “go and sin no more”, as he told those charged with the highest crimes but did not have the witnesses there to carry out the punishment, as He said “where are your accusers” as any lawful person can only say, as it takes 2 witnesses to carry out capital punishment charges. Some say tolerance of a crime (and plannings of future crimes) breeds more crimes. Some would say actually the enablers of crimes encouraging the misbehavior are actually the ones who are guilty and need to plead for sympathy on the day they stand before God’s throne for destroying their nation. What will be their defense? as Christ said In Matt 5:19 “if you teach men to break the least of the laws you will be called the least in the kingdom..” (probably not in the kingdom at all) as those nationalist laws make up 3/4 of those commandments. As He said: “depart from Me ye who practice lawlessness, I never knew you” and “they who say they know God and keepeth not His commandments is a liar and the truth is not in them” We shouldn’t be going so far as to promote such crimes. People who are entertaining questions like which EU country to go to have already gone way too far encouraging 1,000 times more worse situations. For example, some are asking, where do they want to go to? Most of French medium sized cities look like Sierre Leon Africa. That is the wages of sin. Jesus said don’t go into those cities, and “come out of babylon that ye partake not of the plagues or sins” and also He wrote that law which said if you take away the landmarks (borders) your forefathers set, then you will be cursed. He fulfills these laws in His body of people, the body of Christ, who under His headship love His laws, meditate in them and delight greatly in them. Kind regards in Christ.