Freedom of the Southern Republics. SON OF CONFEDERATES was asked: “whose freedom were they fighting for, again?”

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I want to speak to you today on the topic of Freedom of the Southern Republics and freedom of all original American Republics (the 2nd Amendment reads “bearing arms is for the militia of those original states for the freedom of their state”). This was for those original state Republics. It was those lawful entities, not the newly created corporate entities as financed from Lincoln European Credit fraud loans (and bonds), enslaving all the citizens of the post-2nd war of independence into a new version of citizens and new state entities. That is to say unless you are defending the original Republics you can’t call yourself a lawful militia (whether that’s National Guard or unorganized militia that can be activated by any Governor). These new versions of citizens Lincoln created more closely resembled Europe’s Marxist Communist revolutions that obliterated the sovereignty of those nations and dethroned half of Europe’s  successful democratic monarchies, enslaving their local people’s under foreign owned  schemes of taxation without representation under a centralized foreign power usurping the people’s rights, controlling them by fear, tearing down ownership, enslaving all into an equality of owning nothing, except what foreign powers own in their own new Marxist absolutist tyrannical dominance. The same Marxist takeover of 1848 took over the United States in the civil war.
The civil war was the last stand for the West and this was met with many lies. We’re going to get into many of these in this study.
Confederacy is the most strongest form of Federal union. Many of our de jure State Republics defined themselves in the post-1st war of independence definitions of a union as called “The Articles of Union and Perpetual Confederation” (meaning pre-existing confederation, or Federal co-equal sovereign state partner governments joined together) as Americas only actual union, as they formally wrote in our founding documents of the present Government of America (de jure). Furthermore the present Constitution itself says there is an ongoing perfecting of this very same union of confederated Christian Republics and their public servants legislating only on the consent of the governed. As these constantly used the term Confederacy, this further advances the ideals of true Federalism when there true “Confederation” involved. The rule of law requires understanding of definitions. The light in this area helps increase the freedom from the foggy philosophical vague ramblings of the enslaved and foreign foreign agents in assault against those sworn as protectors and defenders of the Constitution.
The other day I was asked why I honor my Confederate Great (3-4x Great) Grandfathers.

The man asked:  “whose freedom were they fighting for, again?”

I responded:
Each state legally voted for secession from DC after that taxation without representation was brought on by the North. Lincoln repeatedly said the reason of the war was to collect taxes from the South, and there was no other matter at hand. There was another embroiling point and that was that only a few states had delegates or electoral votes in the Presidential election of Lincoln, and these were all in Northern states. Everyone in the South (as well as the North) knew the election of Lincoln was rigged, and it was impossible to deny it. I will get into several of America’s founding documents that guarantee the states could secede at any time. 
There’s normally nothing wrong with moving your capital building elsewhere because the people voted for it. Actually the union was voluntary, and the main founding documents of America say they could leave it at any time. The Declaration of Independence says we should do that at any time, and the Constitution itself says in Art. 1, § 1: “the power is in the people who are represented by the independent states”, Art. 4, § 4 doesn’t says the Federal agent is to guarantee a Republican Government, not “democracies” which is mob rule, it reads “the Federal Government shall guarantee each state a republican form of government. Not only does it say that all power is in each state, but the Bill of Rights takes things a bit further with the “Freedom of Association” in the first Amendment. This clause includes disassociation based on any criteria. This goes without getting into even more strengthening points for secession, like the 10th Amendment. However simply because one group of states has more money from the credit fraud bank loans they got from the actual headquarters of the illuminati, that alone should not give them a license to for ever unlawfully seize power over the other states through fraud and force. Moreover it should not be the basis for continued and increasing usage of force and threat of force to maintain such illegal taxation and usurpation over the voting rights of the local Republics called States (or Sovereign Nations) united mainly in the stances of protecting each other’s sovereignty in not usurping one over another.
Often the crimes are covered up by alleging an ethnic suppression as justification for further crimes, whether or not those who did such died 150 years ago or what have you. I know our ancestors didn’t even dream about holding anyone down who wanted to go anywhere. Normally the ones accusing suppression are guilty 10x worse of doing the same. Try getting out of the system in a gazillion ways and they will come take all you have, also by force. This war against the illegal usurpation of our rights was a lot easier to understand than the first war of independence against the British. Southern states were the first to abolish slavery and the North were making it so all states had to go under the one standard.
Today the USA is still under such illegal occupation by a foreign so-called Federal tyrant forcing illegal mandates the same as Lincoln did. BTW American whites had mostly kept slavery illegal, till Anthony Johnson (a black man himself) changed the laws by fighting for slavery to be permanent for life. This was against the Christian laws of indentured servants that our forefathers put in place. Anthony Johnson went at great lengths to get this overturned in court so he can keep slaves as property for life. This changed the fabric of this system of slave ownership that was never intended in America. For the first several hundred years the catalogs of ship records show it was mostly white slaves. Whites kept any (black or white) as only indentured servants who always worked to earn their freedom (not for life). The Bible says they should always be able to work for their freedom and only if they choose to stay after 7 years they can get an ear piercing as showing he loves his master and life working there. There were no negative connotations as is rampant in the brainwashed ideology of the present toxic deviant atheist culture today. As we get farther away from God, the good things in life seem so less known. Lets not let that stop us from shining the light of truth in any of these areas. As when the light shines the darkness does not overcome it. White American Christian law fought to free slaves, however this black man fought to keep slaves as property for life. It’s sad to see our Christian law already deteriorating so early on in the British colony.
It was not only Lincoln said the war had nothing to do with slavery, there were numerous scholars (from the North) wrote that if the South wanted to keep slavery going all they had to do was lay down their arms at any time in the first 3 years of the war, as it wasn’t added till later. Lincoln further promised to return all blacks to Africa. After the war also many blacks preferred the so-called slavery, which to them was a much less stressful and more free way of life, compared to the new obligations as an equal citizen. Still the laws remained till about 1970 that any new arriving non-white could not become naturalized as an American Citizen. Somehow this was overlooked in regards to the freed blacks although some legal scholars still debate at whether it was correct to force them into the white’s system (some even call it kidnapping to force them against their own native culture to merge into a European cultural set of laws and system). Many blacks don’t want to be in the white’s system and want self representation and self determination, the true freedom. This all would agree on the main principle of the 1st Amendment, “freedom of association and freedom of disassociation on the basis of any criteria” cannot be blocked, or there are major crimes going on against the Republic.