Russian Red Invasion vs Nationalism, a Rebuttal against those who say Russia is For Nationalism and Ukraine is For Globalism

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Dear Reader,
I sent a rebuttal letter to the Editor of the League of the South’s Newspaper, “the Free Magnolia” in a response to his article “Ukraine War: Globalism vs Nationalism” (Sent as a neutral, moderate, truly liberal and impartial member of the House of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick). In this article he was saying only the Globalists (like Soros etc) (so-called Western/America’s institutions) pulled the strings in Ukraine and led a pro-Western maidan revolution and continues controlling all of Ukraine’s resistance to Russia today. He forgets it’s the Reds who took over the American institutions in the 1950s, and not vice-versa. He has not responded to the email. So I will resend it to him and remind, Please do not forget!
Anyhow, the Ukrainians aren’t as dumb as so many Americans think. Being in Europe for 13 years serving the people there, I learned that there’s a unique richness that hardly has such narrow capabilities. In the matter of Ukraine (who till the Bolshevik Revolution was considered part of the Most Christian and Most Richest Nation in the whole world) I can provide so much evidence. I was a witness on the ground of what truly transpired in Kiev during those days.
So I respectfully sent along this following rebuttal to the Editor Dr Hill of Alabama (a very conservative Nationalist, a scholar turned activist who led the very peaceful Charlottesville, as commended by Trump etc). These Southern protests were to protect our family emblems from being desecrated. Several state landmarks were being destroyed which was contrary also to the law. In any case it was an area where I would hope the law is more honestly followed, being myself a descendant of several honorable Confederate Soldiers and officers of that good war of states rights (As Lincoln said the invasion of the South was only to put a tax on it without representation. It had nothing to do with slavery, as Southern states already freed slaves long before the North thought of it, and many years into the war slave emancipation was set to happen in some Northern states, but other Northern states retained their slaves long after the war).
All good Nationalists must consider:

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GOG MAGOG Evil Red Coalition: NATO bows to the Communist weighted UN Security Council

The NATO Treaty Article 2, 5 and 7 all point to NATO not being able to move unless the UN Security Council (permanently staffed by China and Russia) gives them the OK. Even the “attack on one” philosophy has to be interpreted within the prism of the permanent communist members of the UN Security Council. […]

(See my Ukraine specific articles following this letter to Dr Hill):

                                                                                                                    May 10th, 2022

Dear Dr Hill,
I want to thank you for the recent Magnolia newspaper on the Russia-Ukraine situation and the call to pray for these White Christians to be protected from the harm. Thank God it hasn’t been that many civilians killed. In recent reports the numbers have been only been in the hundreds that have been caught in crossfires thusfar.
I however need to remind you about the core heart of Ukraine is far right and as declared by all the US Govt and the EU, strongly stating in 2016 that Ukraine was taken over by Maiden far right organizations, occupied the govt buildings by gunpoint with Nazi flags, and took over every aspect of the military. All armored units and artillery etc for example taken over by Right Sector and its successor Azov. The US said Ukraine is totally “Nazified” and EU said they are too far right. In the US sanctions against Military sales to Ukraine, several battalions were named and a central military school at Ukraines interior National Guard were labelled Nazi extremist by the whole US Congress. The House and Senate as I recall unanimously passed laws against what they called Nazi regiments.
Sure you may argue this went up and down:
In 2016 Congress lifted the block on funding Neo Nazi groups in Ukraine:
In 2018 the US Congress banned funding to Neo Nazis (and 2/3 of Ukrainian political parties). :
After a while, finally Azov agreed on a solution to remove the Nationalist Corps and have distanced themselves. However they by all accounts are the ones in power and have the military might across Ukraine. Azov was already cataloged as the most effective batallions and units since 2015, which has since grown , here’s some footage of them in Mauriopol on parade in 2021:
Seemingly they’ve had more equipment, and comparatively more action than other regiments.
As far as the anti-Western / overall conservative nature of Ukraine, I can attest as a considerably strong witness. In 2013 I was in Ukraine celebrating our Romanov Imperial (Kiev-Rus) estates in Kiev during our church Pilgrimage. I was there on day 1 that Kiev’s Nationalist comrades (National Corps, Right Sector etc) put up the first roadblocks. I was right there the day when the ‘right sector’ took over the first few government buildings in Kiev.
At that time everyone in Ukraine agreed the reason for this occupation and 90% of of the eventual maidan protestors was to protest against the Western compromises made by the President Yankovich, as he was making a key decision over whether to cede some Ukrainian National sovereignty over to the EU. He had a key decision moment as it was on the table to put Ukraine under the EU, and this infuriated and mobilized the the whole far right Nationalist Ukrainian movement. Most agreed its the most organized Right Wing movement as anywhere in the world. At least 80-90%  the protestors who came out were ultra right conservative (many of which also were accusing Yankovich of being a pervert to destroy families / definitions of marriage etc along with the Westerners), their signs were everywhere, all the opposite of anything George Soros or the West would say. Ukraine was united. Very few who came out  were just protesting the police brutality, and literally none were protesting that they wanted to submit to the EU. These were hardcore nationalists in fear of losing National sovereign rights like the definitions of marriage etc, strongly highlighting this. Every political group (3 of the top ones you could vote for were officially called Neo-Nazi). Each of these gave their political speeches, slogans etc condemning Yankovich’s potential leaning to the radical democrats of the West. For the next 5-10 years no lgbt even could be held, even the most secretive ones were destroyed within minutes of coming together. Radical democracy was considered the greatest enemy by nearly anyone. Many more nationalists came out of the woodwork from everywhere to protest against this possible capitulation of Ukrainian sovereignty to radical western democracies like France. I spoke not only with these leaders and regular locals but also spoke with cossacks(knights) groups that were all extreme right. The biggest complaint they showcased was that the EU would force on them transgenderism and same sex marriage etc. Laws in Ukraine remained against these dirty lgbtq activities (which were more strict than Russia’s by the way) till about 1 year ago Zelensky passed a newly invented rights bill offering lgbtq protections by the state.
However even with this new stance a large number of Russian Christians could not find any freedom in Russia (have faced major religious persecution) and have been living in Ukraine in  perfect unity with Ukrainians. One way to prove this is just check, a large segment of the Azov Batallion is Russian. Nearly all of the Azov battalion itself are Christian. Nearly a dozen Azov Russian Christians were known to the Bishop and their deaths were reported just recently at Mauripol.
Typical Westerners have gotten away from our moderate center (true liberalism) and in 2013 were already brainwashed into the extremist absolutist lgbtq views that usurp all other rights (till the pendulum swings in the US Supreme Court and true moderacy and liberalism is restored). However the vast majority of Westerners were into Obomamania absolutism in 2013-2016 and wanted Ukraine wiped off the map. Most western radical democrats wanted Ukrainians killed by any means necessary for daring to be being far more conservative than Russians.
Now that they got their Zelensky (who could never negotiate a true peace) and his lgbtq laws, they pretend they didnt call the West pretends they didnt call them all right wing nationalists and nazis.
Perhaps they also forgot since they did impeach Trump over the Ukraine scandals the leftists were entrenched in.
Putin obviously borrowed those accusatory words from them. Probably he as a good chess player left out the fact that he was quoting US law that basically stated that Ukraine is a far right (and even used the term Nazi) regime. Otherwise this is the hand God has dealt for His children to endure unto Glory. As truth always shines through at the end of the day. This thing is set to go full circle.
In 2013 I also sent diplomatic proposals to Russia and Ukraine for releasing our private property (our Imperial family estate) in Ukraine / Crimea and in Russia. This peace solution was already being written but was expedited as the maidan protests were growing. It was delivered in the Russian language about halfway through these protests, as molotov cocktails were thrown at government buildings etc, and there was a need to call for our estates to be protected (while also the people may wish to exercise their suffrage rights within them for their local representation). We had prayed at the holy sites that year on pilgrimage, and published the prayer in our newsletter, when the prayer mentioned this whole situation, and that we prayed a representative of our family (Kiev-Rus-Romanov) would be restored to power, and restore order in these important areas that are destroying families. The plea to their government included making Crimea a monarchy (like it was as the Principality of Gothia),  Together with the exiled Archbishop of Gothia-Crimea and their rightful Prince(like the present royal house of Georgia), and their vibrant set of orthodox churches in Crimea, they were all demanding this representation to take form one day. These were all working for the peace for our estates and those who believe we represent them there (Germanic / Nordic, as they still use the Viking Runes in their Christian liturgy). They are also very modern and have reached all aspects of their society in unity. Our House of Wolfenbuttel-Romanov holds numerous rights in this area.
Please don’t confuse any of this merely stating the official record, to be construed with political agent activity. I only highlight the perils and dangerous of destruction to our family estate, which is all we may legally pursue. This also is at the pleasure of all parties. Now all that Crimea (or Ukraine) would have to do is amend their constitution to include our prince. This should bring the most needed peace and prosperity. We have very good references to gain the trust of the Ukrainian side and effect this, and fulfill your prayer for the safety of this Christian people.
An important point of trust for people of our mind would be only with those who are of the Confederate and Southern background as we have. As they have a fear and even many believe Americans to be the enemy (although that assumption is wrong).
There has been no cooperation for a very long time. As so many are marginalized there, it may take far too long, and so many people needlessly die. Under an estate context of a third party (rightfully entitled) only then can real negotiations take place that would include restoring the water supply from Ukraine down to Crimea. Every year it worsens for the peoples and more damages occur to our estates. From the time of the height of the Crusades, till the 1800s, there’s always been member of our house (of Guelph) there through all the major perils when no other would support. Under the most difficult circumstances, even Popes declared Crusades against the Mongols at Crimea nearly a dozen times, and no one heeded the call. However at Crimea we still had a Noble member of the house of Guelph there to push back in the defense of the local peoples all along. Our heart really goes out  for those who wish us to return. , but we acn only focus as representatives of our family estates and as being impartial as relating to various aspects that may include politics. Family rights normally stood outside of politics also, even an area held more sacred than the church itself, which is now under the most assault.
If the so-called liberals will truly be liberal, then that would mean they’re moderate, not the radical dems. In most of the world it’s considered basic human rights of every family to retain their freedoms to obey all Gods laws in their lives. In the original American spirit, (Articles of Perpetual Confederation first passed in 1637 and continued till the late 1700s, now mentioned in the “perfecting of the union” there’s the text which goes on with our peoples (pre-existing) as a Confederation in perpetuity with “the advancement of the Kingdom(dominion) of Christ and maintaining the purity of the gospel”.
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The Bolshevist Kremlin occupiers continue to say what they always have, that they are fighting against Nationalism.

Now they are levelling whole cities to root out the “Nationalists” as they call them. I would think it’s quite insulting to tell these Ukrainians who sacrifice everything for their Nationalism that they’re actually now globalists. They’re being killed only for being Nationalists, and we all need to wake up and small the coffee.

As stated earlier, Russia has activated, and currently has a very strong Red Coalition of so many other countries like China, India, Iran, and now we see even Turkey rising up against the EU. These could attack America via the containerships network, as the Chinese military has recently seized during their current covid lockdowns. There are several leaked reports of these purporting to be sneaking in from China for a land invasion of America. America already has no defense system for the types of missles they have on the container ships, as leaked:

The True Christian Defense League will not forget these aims of it’s foe who has long since hijacked and taken over a great number of America’s institutions. As you can read in the above articles, even Nato itself is under communist control. Any kind of support to communist related groups is still a Federal Felony, and so all conspiring with them have committed the length of a felony that requires anyone who knows of such plannings/conspirings to be able to do a citizens arrest (in most jurisdictions, in cooperation with law enforcement). So would this mean you have to arrest Nato members who may wilfully subdue America’s sovereignty under a communist council? That depends what kind of law scholar you are, which jurisdictions etc would say so. That is if they also believe in the Constitutional laws as written (laws that have not been deemed in a US Supreme court as being unconstitutional laws or null & void).


Thanking you for your time and consideration,

Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick

Primace, OCC